I went into a store for the first time in three/four years



  • jenready
    jenready Posts: 2,658 Member
    Great job Karen!
  • Debmal77
    Debmal77 Posts: 4,770 Member
    Amazing! Keep going my dear!!
  • 2fab2bdrab
    2fab2bdrab Posts: 7 Member
    Congratulations! ! You're well on your way!
  • rbfdac
    rbfdac Posts: 1,057 Member
    Amazing!!! Keep up the good work!!!
  • KarenGa4
    KarenGa4 Posts: 148 Member
    Wow, thank you all so much for your responses -- you really know how to encourage someone -- makes me want to hurry up and lose all my weight right now -- I know, 1 lb. at a time.
  • kg047
    kg047 Posts: 97 Member
    Congrats!!! Keep up the good work. I am sure your family is proud of you.
  • MindyBruno
    MindyBruno Posts: 535 Member
    Congratulations! Keep it up, you can do this.
  • hudajor
    hudajor Posts: 9 Member
    Great, good for you , keep going
  • Plump2FitPanaQT
    Plump2FitPanaQT Posts: 121 Member
    I love this..keep going!!
  • Adc7225
    Adc7225 Posts: 1,319 Member
    Congratulations! It is funny how we don't acknowledge what we are eliminating from our lives due to our weight until we start getting it back. We don't realize how 'heavy' and weighed down we are by our weight. Keep up the good work.
  • skeo
    skeo Posts: 471 Member
    Congratulations on this success Karen! Keep it up! :)
  • purplemystra
    purplemystra Posts: 159 Member
    That is awesome. That is the way I started getting more active. Just walking around the store. I started at 394lbs. In the last 16 months I've lost between 70-80lbs. Sometimes I fall off the wagon and gain 5 - 10 lbs than lose it again. Would like to be friends. We can help support each other.
  • ajgordo150
    ajgordo150 Posts: 79 Member
    Good for you keep on keeping on
  • Couchpotato39
    Couchpotato39 Posts: 691 Member
    That's great! I know it must be wonderful to be out and about again. Good luck to you in your journey!
  • Mccmack
    Mccmack Posts: 195 Member
    Congratulations. You're going to run and not get tired!
  • rachiidachii
    rachiidachii Posts: 1 Member
    You have done awesome.
    I also have problems with going out but its an anxiety thing.
    Its a massive step forward for you and you have conquered it like a champ.
    Well done. Keep it up!
  • kgb6days
    kgb6days Posts: 880 Member
  • Raemama
    Raemama Posts: 203 Member
    You're an inspiration! God bless you.
  • athenawj
    athenawj Posts: 23 Member
    Yay!! Congratulations!! :)
  • christyg74
    christyg74 Posts: 87 Member
    :) Fantastic!!
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