No runners today? MFP runners club 1/06/09

Come on and join me! :laugh:


  • jessmomof3
    jessmomof3 Posts: 4,590 Member
    Come on and join me! :laugh:
  • jessmomof3
    jessmomof3 Posts: 4,590 Member
    Hit the Y today. 4 mile interval run, then 800 yd swim. Signed up for my first triathlon of the season in June! :bigsmile:
  • Tiddle
    Tiddle Posts: 762 Member

    oops, wrong section!

    I rode the bike (40 Minutes) & ran on the treadmill (2 miles) at the gym

    I'm doing a biathlon this weekend, and my first triathlon is in March :)
  • jadaigle
    jadaigle Posts: 161 Member
    I did a Coach Troy video on the bike this morning and I'm running during Biggest Loser.
  • 4.5 miles today! Getting easier!!!
    I would like to do a 5K maybe, I need more training tho!
  • jazpiri
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    I'd like join MFP Runners club. I'm a runner after all.:happy:
    I did "Self Bikini Body Ready" DVD and elliptical... I too plan to run (or bike) during Biggest Loser tonight followed by some good stretching.
    I start training next week for my next marathon in May.
  • Alisha28
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    No run yet, my sister is suppose to come over and wants to do 5 miles so we will see if she comes. I did do Jari Love get ripped 1000 today and 30 minutes on the eliptical so if I run a pretty good workout day today...:happy:

  • Happy New Year MFP runners !!

    I did 4.5 miles today the most yet for me. Then some strength training.

    Way to go all of you that are brave enough to tackle marathons and triathlons :bigsmile:

    Mattysmomma if you did 4.5 miles today you ARE ready to do a 5K. They are so much fun :happy:
  • jdtrainer
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    4.0 miles for me and a chest and triceps workout.

  • katiechakos
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    I posted in the other spot... 6.25 for me today!
  • jojo52610
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    3.50 today for me
  • jessmomof3
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    I just saw it, it was in the food/ nutrition so I missed it! Great job runners! :bigsmile:
  • jadaigle
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    I did 6.29 miles during Biggest Loser. My next triathlon is in 131 days.