so... yoga. where do I start?

I'm a complete newbie to yoga, don't know any terminologies. are there any good and helpful DVD's or videos on youtube I can watch for me to start?

also for people who answer do you do yoga?


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    I love yoga! I don't do the fast kind, because I don't like it as much. I do strength sequences, etc, but they are done more slowly than fast 'flow yoga' types of practice. I do the slow sorts of flow yoga, generally Iyengar, so it's not called 'flow' usually (even though it can).

    Here's a nice, soothing one that involves stretching only, pretty much. You can play your own soothing music, because there isn't any for this! I wish there were, because I like real yoga music.

    Before you do it, you should probably look up on that site or others these poses that you'll use:
    --Down Dog, there is a video on alignment in this pose on the site. Definitely check out this pose before doing it, imho.
    -- Child's Pose (easy, really)
    -- Seated spinal twists - he cues well, but it would help to see it separately. Don't push too far!
    -- Pigeon pose - same here

    The others should be visible and explained by him for a relaxing session like this.

    This one is really relaxing, so it's very different than power yoga or similar! It's a great, calm stretching sequence, so I think it's a good taste for one use of a yoga session.

    It helps my lower back a lot when I stretch this way daily or so. I also go farther in the leg stretching poses, because I don't get a stretch until I have my leg closer to my chest, so don't be shy if that's you, too. He uses a strap for the first one (you can use a belt).

    This session doesn't have any backbending in it (forward only). Many classes would do a bit of both. Make sure to lift your chest where you are supposed to here, because that is close to a mini backbend and good to balance the forward parts.

    If you have any conditions, you have to have a teacher in person! That's really important.

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    I do Yoga 3-5 times a week...

    I would suggest going to a class or two if they are available to you. I find it very beneficial to have someone there to guide you and make adjustments when you need them...

    You might also want to check out Yoga with Adriene on youtube:

    She has some excellent videos for beginners as well as breakdowns of a lot of the most common postures and movements.

    Good luck!
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    I've recently started this one and I like it. The lessons are quite short (15 min.) but I do 2 or 3 of them in one session.
  • THANKS a lot guys~~
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    I do yoga 3-5 week as well. I did lots of yoga shopping at studios until I found the style/studio that worked for me. Many have deals for new students. $35 for a month etc even check out groupon for deals too. I do bikram yoga it is 90 min in a 105 degree room. Slow, meditative and a kick *kitten* work out. Major calorie burn and I have horrible knees and it has been wonderful for them. Good luck to you!
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    I do yoga almost everyday. I feel that I learn best from a teacher. If I was going to study karate or soccer or sculpting, I wouldn't get a video; so I'm always a little surprised that people want to learn yoga in such a way. I'm not saying videos (or I prefer audios) aren't useful, but I feel that they are a supplement to a class, not a replacement. I would look around for videos that say "yoga for beginners" - maybe at your local library?
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    I do yoga and I teach yoga.
    I love Shiva Rea and Rodney Yee dvds.
    That being said, I always recommend going to a studio so you can learn how to properly align yourself. Most studios i know have either a free 1st class or deals for beginners.
    There are many types of classes and styles. I generally recommend Hatha or a beginner class to start. Both have pose break downs.

    Just tell the person you talk to-teacher/owner/whatever-that you are new and never have done yoga before. This will allow them to keep an eye on you and help you when you need it
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    I practice most days of the week at home in addition to taking at least one class per week. If you're hesitant to venture to a studio right at first (which I totally get; I was too), I second the rec for Yoga with Adriene. If you poke around on her channel, she has a series of "Foundations of Yoga" videos that do a detailed breakdown of many poses, as well as some excellent beginner's sequences. But I do also highly recommend finding a class as soon as you're comfortable with the idea -- it really is the best way to learn.
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    I adore yoga and have been practicing for five years. DVD wise, I love Rodney Yee, but youtube is also a valuable and free resource! I'll be the third to say go with Yoga with Adriene, she's amazing! Keep in mind there are many types of yoga, from fast paced hot yoga, to an almost meditative yoga. Look around and find the style you like.