Ok, who here actually eats fruit salad with a glass of tomato juice?



  • lemurcat12
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    Making excuses is always fun.
  • mkakids
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    I always thought it was carrot juice, lol
  • distinctlybeautiful
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    Burt_Huttz wrote: »
    Do you want to lose weight or make excuses about not eating things that don't taste good that will make you lose weight when you eat them although they are not that good tasting?

    No excuses here..
  • chloeelizabethm
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    YAY! Someone has posted about this! I just think 'that's a very sugary/carby meal and I wouldn't be full for very long' and that the picture annoys me a little. Though I don't know what I'd rather see...everytime there's an app update I always hope for a new picture.
  • LivingtheLeanDream
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    and there was me thinking all along it was some sort of fruity coulis/dip!! doh lol - and yuck to tomato juice :/
  • cmtigger
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    You know tomato is a fruit?

    Get back to me when tomato is enough of a fruit that you'd cut one up and put it in your fruit salad.. :)
    I put it with peaches in salsa.
  • arditarose
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    I think it's carrot juice. I always thought the juice looked nice. I'm not a fruit person though.
  • kellyjellybellyjelly
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    yeah that looks like a lame meal for sure.

    Hahaha. So much this.