Need help starting over

I've been trying to lose weight I need to lose over 60lbs and I'm overwhelmed. I try over and over but then fall off the wagon and don't get back on I lost 16lbs from a work weight loss challenge but then gain most of it back I need to change my life.. HELP!!


  • Romes08
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    You got this! Don't give up! You have to first look at what you're doing (log everything- every piece of anything you put in your mouth, every workout whether you think its insignificant or not- everything). Think about why you're trying to be a healthier you and then set small attainable goals. If you look at the big picture its like "holy crap". But if you tell yourself that your goal for the week is to cut out dairy this week- then focus on cutting out dairy. Don't look at the numbers. You can do this! look at motivational quotes on pinterest they are SO helpful!
  • trhops
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    You need to make sure you have alot of support! Feel free to add me.
  • CampLondon
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    You could join Super Bowl weight L challenge