Turning into my Mom!

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OMG I never thought I would say that! Not that my mom is a bad person because she isn't at all! But she has some health issues I hoped I'd never have! About 5 years ago I started taking an anti-depressant -- jump forward to Oct 2015 and about 60 lbs heavier and 2 very bad knees! This week i found out that I will inevitably need knee replacement surgery. I am 45 years old! Too young for knee replacement! The doctor told me if I loose weight hopefully it will prolong the need for the surgery. My mom had one knee replaced and hobbles around and now I'm hobbling all over. It is embarrassing to struggle to walk. I thought i was depressed before, I really am now with the weight gain and now the knee issues. None of my clothes fit and now I can't even wear heels! So this week I decided it is time for a change! I've made my mind up that I've had enough and i need to take control of my life, my body! I have a 6 mth old granddaughter I need to be able to play with!! Btw, she is adorable. I started taking my calories today and have a goal set and I pray that I can remain as strong and determined as I feel today.


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    Very sorry to hear about your health issues but you are able to turn things around.. it's time to focus on your health. MFP is a great tool to use to keep you in check.. adding some sort of exercise everyday will help. If you are able to walk for 30 minutes that would be a good start.
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    You can do it! Just keep tracking and add some cardio to your day.
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    Everyone needs a motivator and yours is a good one! Good luck on your journey.
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    Welcome!!! Sometimes it takes this 'health crisis' to make us do something different. Different isn't easy but change happens outside our comfort zone. Welcome!!!! Congrats on the new grandchild
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    Thank you so much for the note and support. I appreciate it :)
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    It's hard when we realize we are turning into our parents! But you are unique and special and if you are here on MFP, you have an opportunity to learn so much about physical fitness and nutrition. Best of luck on your education!! :)