please help.question about my activity level

I'm not sure what activity level I should be on. I'm a stay at home mom. My kids do go to school. My youngest only goes for 4 hours. I work out 6 days a week and anywhere from 30mins to 2 hours.I am sitting most of the day. I know I should be more active. Which I think I will start tomorrow. But as of right now I don't do much. I'm 27 5'0" and 167. I want to be 115-120. So what activity levels and how much should I lose per week? Right now I have it at a pound a week at the lowest activity level. Should I eat my exercise calories? I guess I can do a trial and error thing. But I need help on how much should I be eating.


  • LKArgh
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    Sedentary. Eat half your exercise calories back. If you notice after a few weeks you are not losing weight, do not eat any exercise calories back. If you are losing faster than you expected, eat them all back.
  • needstobefit15
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    OK thank you I will try that.
  • JanelleG0122
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    Yes, like the previous poster said. You are considered sedentary if you don't have a job that requires at least 50% on your feet and walking every day. Even exercising everyday that is something that if you log it does not reflect on your activity level. If you choose not to log exercising than you could say you were lightly active, but then don't log any exercise or eat back any exercise calories. I tend to eat no more than half of my exercise calories back, depending on what the exercise is and how hungry i'm feeling I may add a few here and there. Just be consistent that's the number 1 way to lose weight. Good luck.