Desperate for some help

Hi, my name is Annie. I have been here so many times. I start and then get weary in the eating healthy and taking care of myself. It seems like an endless battle. I need a Community that will help me to stay with this and not give up. I am 53 years old and the older I get the harder it gets to lose any weight. I lose some but never enough or fast enough to keep me going long enough to make a difference. This time I am asking God to help me and that he will send me people to come along side of me to finally claim victory over this stronghold in my life. I have tried everything. Even Fitnesspal before. Please I need some friends who will have words of wisdom for me. I am desperate.


  • PBWaffleCakes
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    Believe in yourself and you are half way there! You CAN do this! Take the first step.
  • MyLifeMyCreation
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    Hi Annie

    You can add me as a friend if you like :)
  • JanelleG0122
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    Hi Annie. I understand how frustrating it can be to lose weight. The results won't be immediate and i'm learning that ever so slowly. It is a long journey. It is important to get healthy, no matter what age you are. I post motivational quotes daily and would love to help you succeed. Add me if you would like.
  • crystallize00
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    You got this girl. Dont let one or two days get you down. Just get back up and do it.
    Remembertomorrow is always a new day

  • naanpocen
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    Hello Annie, you can add me as a friend if you'd like. I also need to be kept accountable when I am weak. I have been here often, giving up then returning. I'd like this time to be different so I know for certain I need friends here.
  • abcprek102715
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    Thankful for another friend. Getting ready to go for a walk. Why is this so hard?
  • tbowz75
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    Hi, Annie! Getting out there to walk can be such a challenge to overcome that mental block.
    You just need to keep telling yourself, "I'm going for a walk!" Instead of, "Should I go? Maybe I'll go."
    You are going to go and feel great when you are done!
  • blankiefinder
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    Hi Annie! Are you trying to overly restrict your foods? Remember that this is a long term lifestyle change so you want to make sustainable choices Good luck!
  • ruthfmoy
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    Been there done that got the t shirt.......I have the same trouble...only been here two days but find looking at the food in only one day is wrong to many carbs So maybe this TIME WE CAN DO IT GIRL........
  • cindytw
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    What is unmanageable to you that you quit? I ask this to help because how can you fix it if you don't know why it is broken?