Really desperate--any helpful hints welcome-- Thank you

Hi, I am new to this site, and I don't usually write in the public forum, but I am seriously desperate and in need of help so I am hoping this will make me accountable. and keep going. I need to loose at least 30lbs. and it has been very very difficult I see weight going in the opposite direction to where I want It go.I have been trying for some time now and sometimes I think I eat too much, the next I don't eat enough, I work out constantly, but to no avail..
My first step:
I have decided, Mondays should be my prep days, actually its the only day I have an evening off. I work a lot. so if anyone has any tried and true methods, and recipes that can be frozen I am open and would be sincerely grateful for the info.
My first 21 day fix--in the first round I did the full 21 days, but since then my schedule has changed and am finding it difficult to do it every day, but I am doing it at least 4 days a week. I love it but the yoga is just not me.. so I do dirty 30 in stead. I really love that one.


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    I don't prep a week ahead of time, but I do pre-plan dinners (I make a weekly menu). My advice is to make sure you are accurate with your calories. If you are gaining weight, it means you are eating more than your body needs. Stay at the calorie goal MFP sets for you and you'll lose weight.

    There are lots of websites with frozen meal menus and such. If you have the time to prep, that's great. Keep up the exercise too.
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    Thanks a million for your quick response, I appreciate it
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    Hi. Food prep for me is really helpful. I like the site and make alot of the crockpot stuff since I also work alot and have 2 small kids. Coming home to dinner made is a wonderful thing.
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    Meal prep is key. Almost anything can be frozen up to 5-6 weeks. Some things aren't as good once heated, but that's mostly personnal preferences. I don't like heated mashed potatoes, but that doesn't mean you don't. Weigh everything so you can log acurately. You'll be suprised how far off the mark you can be! I know I was!
    I do my meal prep for the week on Sunday mornings. It takes about 2 hours and a half to cook 4 different meals (I make 4 servings of each, so my husband and I can have it once for lunch and once for dinner) and I make small bags for snacks (fruits, veggies, nuts, beef jerky, and so on).

    Working out 4 days a week is good. 5 would be even better. You could add a walk on your lunch break or in the morning before leaving for work, it would probably help. Take the stairs. Park a little farther if you use your car. Be more active in general.