Ready To Drink Protein Shakes

Just wondering what everyone's favorite RTD Protein Shakes are. Right now I am enjoying Atkins Strawberry Shakes but it seems to have a bit too many fat grams.


  • psuLemon
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    Fat is actually good for you.. it regulates hormones and can stimulate satiety. But I prefer muscle milk (non light version).
  • Michael190lbs
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    Fat is good for you I take in close to a 100 grams everyday I throw a Bar of butter in my Rice just to get some extra.. The fat you have on your body isn't from fat you eat its from excessive calories you consume IE protein, carbs, fat, alcohol the four major food groups in most places but to answer your question I like the Cheapest whey protein I can find because its whey protein..
  • melimomTARDIS
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    I like EAS advantEDGE carb control shakes. The strawberry is my favorite flavor. Only 100 calories per serve;
  • brower47
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    If low fat is working for you (we're all different and I doubt you're eating so little fat as to negatively impact hormone imbalance)** then the Gatorade protein shakes look like they're lower in fat than some other brands out there. Good luck!

    **though good to keep in mind
  • Confuzzled4ever
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    I use body fortress with almond milk

  • brb2008
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    I like isopure vanilla, they have zero carbs for that flavor, I cant recall the fat off hand (havent had any since I started recording, need to buy more!) But it doesnt actually taste good, so I had been mixing half a bottle of atkins shake with one scoop of the protein powder. It made it pretty darn tasty.
  • Larissa_NY
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    I don't like any RTD protein drinks, tbh. They all seem to be made with skim milk and have a nasty metallic taste. Having said that, though, Muscle Milk cookies and cream flavor is not quite as vile as the rest of them.
  • aubreyjordan
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    Lean Shake 25 from GNC
  • Troutrouter1968
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    I like 52e shakes.
  • dholten2015
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    The Pure Protein Brand is great! It is very low in sugar about 3 grams and about 30 grams of protein and if mixed with water and I use frozen strawberries and sometimes 1 banana or 1/2 and no sugar added it is quite filling! Just blend for at least 3 minutes so it's not gritty and one big can lasts a long time get it from Amazon,
  • Strawblackcat
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    Orgain isn't bad.. They have a couple of different versions, and they all have a lot of nutrients besides just protein. Organic Valley's Organic Fuel are good too. Of you can drink milk. They add lactase, so even lactose-intolerant people can drink it.
  • kennspe01
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    Eas lean 15 with almond milk,banana and a couple of shakes of cinnamon