Changing goals for pregnancy

Anyone have experience with pregnancy nutrition and setting proper goals for maintaining weight gain while pregnant. If anyone can recommend pregnant friendly workouts that would be awesome


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    Your ob/gyn doc should have lots of experience with this. Remember this is a public Internet forum on which any random person can say anything they want.
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    My ob/gyn told me not to go crazy with over eating...

    For my 1st trimester: I set my goal to maintenance and continued to run/work out. I ate back exercise calories.
    2nd trimester: Still set to maintenance but added a negative 300 calories to my diary (could also add 100 exercise calories but I have a fitbit so it would have cancelled those out).
    3rd trimester: Maintenance with a negative 400 calorie food entry. I didn't do too much activity after the 1/2 point as it was just too uncomfortable...stuck to walking.

    I gained about 27 pounds (I was a healthy weight when I got pregnant) and lost it all plus 8 pounds. My baby turns one this weekend.

    ETA: definitely talk to you doctor. Mine were always fine with my weight so we never had to have a serious diet talk.
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    I am using a midwife for my delivery, she just says light workouts are fine and that they try not to tell women now much weight to gain because everyone is different.
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    Try to eat a healthy, balanced diet and follow your doctor's instructions.

    Babies tend to take what they need from mom. Generally, if someone is going to be deficient, it will be mom and not the baby, because the baby tends to get top priority where nutrients are concerned. So, the baby will be doing fine, having all the iron it needs to grow and develop, but since it stole the iron from mom, mom needs a supplement - that kind of thing. So, eat healthy and don't worry too much about the baby. Let the doctor do the worrying. :)

    Congratulations! :smiley:
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    Just watch the carbs (don't want a sugar baby), and get plenty of DHA for baby's brain. :)
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    Congratulations on your pregnancy! There is a group on here called Fit, Fabulous and Pregnant - you should come and join. I just did today (due in June).

    Also, I have just ordered Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project - it is a set of 9 DVDs, one for each month of pregnancy. Several of the ladies on the FFP group were recommending it, so I thought I'd give it a go.