How many calories a day do people eat?



  • AspenDan
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    4350 a day, averaged over seven days. More on lifting days, less on off days.

    Holy jeez!
  • pipmcgrath
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    I have it set to 0.5 lbs a week, which gives me 1640 cals a day, which I treat as a "maximum" and not a goal most of the time. Most days I eat around 1400.

    I'm 5'7" and 154 lbs.

    That's what I've done, I've put it in for maintenance which gives me 1800 a day. Going to try and get nowhere near that and get at least a deficit of 500 minimum each day with food and exercise. Going to try it for 2 weeks and see what happens. Fed up with feeling bad when I eat over the 1200 so a different approach is called for.

  • lizzocat
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    I eat anywhere between 1400 and 2100, depending on the day and intensity of my workout. On spinning and lifting days, it's usually around 2000.
  • DeguelloTex
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    AspenDan wrote: »
    4350 a day, averaged over seven days. More on lifting days, less on off days.

    Holy jeez!
    It does make the question the "you can't outrun a bad diet." I am about 95% certain I'm eating more now than when I was gaining 100 pounds. The difference is that I'm moving a lot more.
  • oolou
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    I don't have a single set goal to aim for each day. As you say it can be demoralising to go over it. Instead I aim to eat within a range. My BMR is around 1500 and my TDEE is around 1800. So I aim to eat between 1200 and 1500 each day. I have days when I'm not that hungry and days when I'm wanting to eat a bit more than usual. Having a range to work within suits me better.
  • CoffeeNCardio
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    I'm 5'2", set at sedentary, eat back all my exercise calories, and my daily intake limit is 1200. I've lost precisely 2 lbs per week since I started. I feel awesome at this level. No mood swings, no cravings I can't handle, no lethargy or anything weird. In fact, my general mood has improved and I'm less stressed out even though there's a lot of stressful things happening in my life right now.

    If you don't feel good at a caloric deficit this low, don't do it. There is absolutely NO reason on earth for weight loss to be miserable. If you're at 1200 and you feel tots fine and you aren't hungry all the time (I'm never hungry, hello calorie spreading) you're doing fine:) Don't try to fix what ain't broke.
  • Sabretooth333
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    2800 a day and eat back all exercise calories. After long rides or runs this can be over 5000 :)
  • sapphire1166
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    I'm 5"8, started at 235 lbs about 7 months ago and currently at 191 lbs, and I eat 1450/day. When I first started and I was eating 1450 I easily lost 2lbs/week. That pace has been slowing the smaller the scale shows, but I don't plan on decreasing my calories. I have a sedentary job with little/no exercise.
  • jeepinshawn
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    Depending on what my fitbit says I burned but my average is somewhere between 2300-2500, I'm 5'9" and ~175lbs male...
  • Meganthedogmom
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    My goal is 1200 a day.
    I have it set to lose 1.5lb per week, because I wasn't losing at all when my goal was around 1350 a day. I'm 5'3" and 165lb. 1200 a day can be difficult for me too, but it gets easier the longer you do it. I would suggest you change your goal to lose 1lb per week. Don't forget to eat back some of your exercise calories.