Favorite exercise?!

Hi ya'll, kind of new to the message boards. I always seem to get kind of bored 15-20 minutes into any type of work out I do. Just curious what everyones favorite kind of work out is ex:skiing, zumba, weight training. Just want to maybe get some new ideas to keep me going! Thanks


  • tat2cookie
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    Running, weight lifting and my punching bag. I've learned that workout videos bore the hell out of me, plus I don't like being told what to do. Lol
  • kami3006
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    I love to lift. It's the only exercise that doesn't bore me.
  • FredKing1
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    My club likes HIIT - a class provides shared discipline, but can be done alone - research on-line for a series of exercises that can be done intensely and sequentially in short intervals with short breaks. Suitable for men and women of most levels.
  • pnklzzy
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    I am in my gyms team fitness group... Small group of about 8, some days 4.... All I do is show up... My pt tells us what we are doing that day and demos if it's new... Have been going 3 days a week since aug!! I love it!! We do a lot of weight training, high intense interval training on the tread and random 20 min distance runs on tread to track how our bodies are getting stronger!!! The very first was 12 min run.... Huffed and puffed... I think I made it a mile?? Haha 3 months later in the 20 min run we have control of speed.... Sooo I have gotten to 2.15!! Super proud of myself!!! I honestly feel like I could have pushed more!!! .... I like it cause I have people I like who have become my friends and my PT's are amazing and friendly!!! We text back and forth.... And they push me and it's over before I know it!!!
  • cwolfman13
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    I like to cycle and enjoy Olympic weight lifting.
  • QueenKristine77
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  • LastingChanges
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    Are you doing your work outs on your own at home or in a class? I find that in a class I don't have time to feel bored because it's so fast paced and I am trying to see what the instructor is doing. If I do a workout at home it feels boring to me because I am in charge of my own pace and there is no motivation around me.
  • BethAnnieT
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    volleyball, tennis, yoga, hot yoga, walking, hiking, spin class, jogging (jogging is a hate-love relationship but it works) :) Mix it up, have fun. Maybe you could do 20 minutes twice a day?
  • Lozze
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    Riding my bike outside. I commute to work so I do 14km each day. Plus a 40km ride on the weekend. I LOVE it. With every fiber of my being. Get me on a stationary bike and I hate it.

    In the gym really love my HIIT classes. Did love my Kettlebells but my gym no longer offers that class
  • NeonStrikeVi
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    I enjoy going on my rowing machine if I'm in the mood for a steady cardio session, otherwise it's the bike for some HIIT :)
  • rosebarnalice
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  • ltworide
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    I enjoy doing lots of things: lifting weights (free weights: barbell, Dumbbells, kettlebell), bodyweight exercises, sprinting, ladder/cone/bosu drills, Krav Maga, swimming, Yoga & the odd Zumba or step class, hiking/walking, canoeing, archery, water skiing, horseback riding... I've done a few 5 & 10k runs, not really my thing...climbed the stairs of the CN tower a few times & have completed Toufh Mudder twice.

    Find something you like, explore different options & go with it...
  • SheriffMichelle
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    I work out to Blogilates videos on YouTube. I am currently following her Beginner 2.0 calendar and the amount I am supposed to do a day doesn't feel impossible. After 9 days I feel like my core is way stronger.
  • VillageSmithy
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    I like brisk, pre-dawn walks — with audio books.
  • Marshachia
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    Insanity Max 30. Short and effective
  • 47Jacqueline
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    Zumba - even better, Aqua Zumba
  • ExRelaySprinter
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    Running, Strength Training and a few different Cardio Dvds (Shaun T Hip Hop Abs/Amy Bento - Kickbox Extreme).
  • TeaBea
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    Rebounding, or Wii Step Aerobics for cardio

    Strength training with Kelly Coffey Meyer

    Yoga on light days...or whenever I need a (mood) lift.
  • BrianSharpe
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    Favourite? Probably a toss up between running & cycling.