Add me! Let's be friends! Need friends!

Hey guys! It's my second day! Only ate 1200 calories today!


  • maizerage66
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    Welcome! Feel free to add me if you'd like, I just started a new program and am excited to get results :)
  • looneymom
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    Add me daily log...
  • VisofSer
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    Hey! Off to a strong start, keep it going!
  • Dftcret
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    Add me if you like just starting over after a year or so off the wagon!
  • catwomansquats
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    Yes please add me as well!! :) we can all work together <3
  • jennjenn5555
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    I just started today. Im
  • jennjenn5555
    jennjenn5555 Posts: 47 Member
  • jennjenn5555
    jennjenn5555 Posts: 47 Member
    I apologize. I am having problems with my phone.
    I just started today. I am heavier now than I have ever been.
    I have had success in the past with food journaling & online support groups.
    Please add me as a friend & we can all support each other !!
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    Feel free to add if I can help. It's a,great site here
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    Hey, add away :)
  • jimsetzer
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    For sure add... I'm new to this app... Looks promising!!!
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    Please add me too
  • escotech2883
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    Feel free to add me @samortega_ im from NY
    Good luck !
  • Add me too!! I am new to this app and am looking for friends and support
  • jimsetzer
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    Stayed nearly 800 calories under my goal today!
  • jennjenn5555
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    Today is day 3 for me. I haven't been doing great with my diet but I did force myself to go to the gym yesterday. I did 2 miles on the elliptical! And I did a weight lifting video at home today.
    I am a bartender & my regulars love to feed me delicious home cooked meals. That is one of my biggest hurdles.
    They also love high calorie sugary shots & when they order one they usually buy one for me also.
  • hopepowell
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    Hi!!! My name is Hope!! Today is my 2nd day!! I would love motivation and motivate others!! Please add me on this journey!
  • Urthepinetomyapple
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    Hi all im new also, just starting today feel free to add me x
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    I am just starting today again after a break. Feel free to add me, need as much motivation as I can get to help me stick to it this time.
  • clau9734
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    Feel free to add me I would love to have some more motivated friends :)