42 yr old dad needing to get back on the wagon

Hello All,

Major stress eater here. Been off the wagon for several months and feel like crap again. Had a good amount of success the first of the year but can't seem to get back with it. Any other middle age dads in the same boat? Anyone else have any tips? Looking for others for friends and support too.


  • queenliz99
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    Hi and welcome to MFP!! read the posts on this thread.


    You can do this!!
  • tcarp8
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    My kids are grown but our dogs are young. Welcome.
  • Al48feelingreat
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    Mate I'll help you in any way I can got loads of tips and tricks

    I'll message you
  • BigMikeP81
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    Best of luck bud!
  • SpleenThief
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    I'm about the same age and stressed as well. I think I might sell my 14 year old daughter to the gypsies. It'll help with my stress levels and I can use that money for personal training.
  • I sold my daughter to the circus once... bad call as I spent all the money on funnel cake and candy apples on my way out.

    But for real (well, actually that first bit is for real too- we were hired to face paint and twist balloons for the UniverSoulcircus youth camp), I'm not a middle aged DAD, but I totally feel where you're coming from. I started off great from the first of the year, past my goals even! But September and October just... too many things. I haven't been on the scale, so I can't even say how far I've back slid. (Terrified!) But at least I'm back to logging in!