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Need motivation!

I'm struggling! This is my third try in the last two years at trying to get healthy. The first time was in 2013, I was able to get down to 211lbs, which I gained back over the next year. Then early this year I joined a gym and got back on track and lost 45lbs bringing me down to 260. The past 6 months of my life has had a lot of bad experiences and I gave up and quickly gained back every pound plus some.
I'm miserable, I feel awful but I can't seem to get motivated like I did the other times, I really want to make a lifestyle change and stay at a healthy weight this time.
After failing so many times before I'm struggling with that fear of failing again. I want this to stick this time and I want to reach my goals! Any advice on how to stay motivated?


  • bri170lb
    bri170lb Posts: 1,375 Member
    edited November 2015
    Motivation always wanes. You just can't count on it in the long run.

    What you need is...DETERMINATION

    1. Know exactly WHY you are doing this. Write it down and post it where you can't miss it. Add to you list as time goes on and your motivation changes. Decide you are going to do this and it's NON-NEGOTIABLE purely because it the right thing for YOU.

    2. Set real, tangible, achievable goals. You have to know WHAT you are going to do. Long term ultimate goals, medium term milestone goals, weekly, daily and if nessary, even hourly goals. (My fallback position, when I start to struggle is to focus on my calorie goals one meal at a time) Write it down, post it where you can't miss it. Change your goals as time passes. CELEBRATE EVERY LITTLE VICTORY AND LET THE REST GO!

    3. Make a plan for HOW you are going to reach each goal. Go shopping, prep food, figure out what you really love to eat the fills you needs and moves you closer to your goals. Have a plan for when you are eating out, running late, totally stressed, or dealing with peer pressure. Write your plan down, post it where you can't miss it. When you screw up, learn from it, revise your plan and keep moving forward.

    This is what I have been doing for 2.5 years now. My motivations, my goals and my plans have changed over and over because I am at a place now that I couldn't even imagine then, but the one thing that's still the same is that I am DETERMINED to do this and I WILL NOT FAIL BECAUSE I AM NOT GOING TO STOP.

    I have lost 113 pounds so far and I have 37 to go. I wish you the best on your adventure!
  • pbm89gt
    pbm89gt Posts: 42 Member
    Good advice, congratulations on your success! I'm needing to lose 130 lbs, I just need to get that determination.
  • fiddletime
    fiddletime Posts: 1,862 Member
    It sounds like you've lost 100 pounds once if not twice! So, you know how to lose weight but you derail at maintaining the weight loss. Many of us are on here for the second or third time. It gets tiring to keep having to losing weight. When I came back 6 months ago the first place I started reading was the maintenance folder on MFP. I knew that I could lose weight, but keeping it off was harder. I'm now much more prepared mentally to take the slow approach and I realize I need to change my eating habits for life, or I'll just be back here again.

    Go check out what people who are maintaining have to say. Like you, I was scared that if I lost the weight again it would all be for nothing as I'd just gain it back. I'm not scared about that now and am very very slowly approaching my goal weight.