iPhone steps and Fitbit- please help.

Hi! I have a Fitbit but today it decided to restart at 2:00 pm and it lost all my data- which I had quite a lot of steps. I have I un-synced the Fitbit from MFP, and I have now changed it to my iPhone settings. However, will my workout with the workout time published and calories burned be writing over the steps from my iPhone in calories burned?


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    Hmmm... I don't have a good answer for you. I tend to manually fix my Fitbit when it misses steps by entering in exercise data so the steps line up with what I should have had. I do know that if I switch MFP from my Fitbit to my iPhone it adjusts to whatever the step count is for that particular device, it doesn't combine them. Your question isn't particularly clear to me so I may be entirely no help!