Big Texan Buckling Down for the Last 30 Lbs.

After high school, I weighed somewhere north of 325. In April 2013, I tipped the scale at 296 lbs. By October 2014, I had gotten all the way down to 190. Now I'm back up to 210. Some of that is muscle, but I still want to renew my weight loss crusade and finally get down to my goal weight of 177. Looking for pals and fellow Dallas-area peeps to squawk at.


  • dlwilson23
    dlwilson23 Posts: 3 Member
    Throwing this one back out there
  • PrincessMegan13
    PrincessMegan13 Posts: 43 Member
    Dallas transplant living in Austin, but will be returning to Dallas in the next few, kinda a peep? LOL!

    Congrats on your outstanding loss! Way to go on that one! And, never fear, you've been down to goal before, and you'll make it there again. You've crushed so many along the way, you can certainly crush these last 30 pounds for good! :) Best of luck to you!