Mfp changed my life but I have no friend support

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Hello. My name is Jaclyn. I am 26 years old and a daily fishermen. I get my photo taken alot and seeing the women with bikinis holding a tuna has always been intimidating. I would never get as many likes even though I actually caught my own fish. Now that I have lost weight I enjoy the attention i get through my favorite hobby and my fishing group i have created. I would love to have more mfp friends. I also have a fishing group. I travel the us and fish with people in the group. January of this year i was 200 lbs now i am 175. I am 5ft7". If anyone is interested in being a part pf my mfp group please add me. I honestly love being able to share my diary and look at others progress and diarys. Thank you for reading. Thank you for your time and i would love to have more mfp support..thats how i lost weight in the first place..also my best friend terry is on here..he was 500 lbs and through mfp and our fishing activities he has lost nearly 150 lbs

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    Hi, I'm recently starting to use MFP again after recently being diagnosed with pre diabetes. I could use some support also. I would love to be friends with you.