Hit end of year goal with 3 days left

tinger12 Posts: 62 Member
I started this transformation on July 6th of 2015 tallying in at 540 pounds. I could barely walk and my knees and hips were in constant pain. I decided then that at 53 years old my body was finally shutting down.

The horrors of Atypical depression and being unable to do much was just more than I could handle. I decided to make a change. MFP has helped me understand what I was eating and how much. The discussions have taught me some cold truths about my life and how to correct them. I thank all who have posted information that I have read, both good and bad (we all learn from both).

Today, 25 weeks into this journey, I hit the 100 pounds lost club. I stepped on the scale this morning (one day later than I usually do as I forgot) and it came up 439.6 pounds! I know this most likely will fluctuate over the next couple days, but my trend is still about 4 pounds a week. I also realize this will slow as I continue to drop to my goal.

For those who say "I can't stop eating," "I'm always hungry," "does 'XXXXX" diet work?" or "how can I be not losing weight?" I say you are not being honest with yourself.

I ate what I wanted, left only peanut butter off the table as it is my huge trigger food. Did very little exercise due to my size. And was honest with tracking EVERYTHING and weighing most things (not everything can be conveniently weighted all the times. Estimates are required). When I felt hungry, I ate something. Of course it was not eating the quantity that I had in the past, and in many cases I ate food that gave me the most "bang for the buck." I only drank my calories for one meal during these 25 weeks and I drank so much diet pop (soda for those who don't know the REAL word for it) that I should have died from artificial sweeteners or from diabetes (for those who still think artificial sweeteners causes spikes in blood sugar).

I have 190-250 pounds to go, depending upon my mood, but this time I will not quit and you should no quit either.

100 pounds lighter, 100 pounds smarter.