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Just looking for people who want to keep each other motivated



  • thyslop2014
    thyslop2014 Posts: 8 Member
    I think one way to stay motivated is to help others stay motivated. And staying positive and get excited about the little things!!!! Oh and loud music.
  • mrsrawrsome
    mrsrawrsome Posts: 15 Member
    My account was inactive after I found out I was pregnant with baby #2. Now that he's a year old it's time to get back on track and start getting my body back into shape! Would love the add to keep up the motivation :)
  • jen_marie7
    jen_marie7 Posts: 4 Member
    New to my fitness pal and looking for accountabili ty and motivation! Busy working mom with a 9 month old!
  • magsama
    magsama Posts: 15 Member
    edited January 2016
    I have to stay motivated and on track...need support! Thanx :smile: Feel free to friend me
  • thyslop2014
    thyslop2014 Posts: 8 Member
    Woot woot new year here we come!!
  • mrschikin
    mrschikin Posts: 45 Member
    Feel free to friend me! Starting out again after a depressing few years living abroad. Looking forward to improving both my mood and my health. :)
  • KellzNew92
    KellzNew92 Posts: 214 Member
    I lost 36lbs last year but gained back 21 after an operation so basically starting all over again. Feel free to add me
  • murp4069
    murp4069 Posts: 494 Member
    I've been active for almost a month again and having so many people's stories in my news feed is more motivational than I expected. I'll add you and anyone can feel free to add me! Happy 2016 everyone!
  • momallnight
    momallnight Posts: 52 Member
    Feel free to add me too. I'm working out and logging daily. Only down 10 pounds in 6 weeks but at least I'm feeling better. This site is great for support
  • Lmck13
    Lmck13 Posts: 17 Member
    New to mfp, type 1 diabetic and recovering from spinal surgery... Would love some friends to support and vice versa... Add me!
  • mn_andi
    mn_andi Posts: 8 Member
    I am looking for some support and motivation as well. Please feel free to add me. Starting up again. I have been back and forth with MFP and other tracking but I like the simplicity of MFP. Haven't used the community features but am looking forward to connecting with others on the same path.
  • karielevans
    karielevans Posts: 1 Member
    I'd love to be added as well!! ❤️
  • CoryBIsMe
    CoryBIsMe Posts: 74 Member
    I am beginning my weightloss journey again and really could use support. I have hypothyroidism and bouts of mild depression so losing any weight has been/ is extremely difficult. I would love to support others and share our successes.

    I have hypothyroidism as well. It is hard!
    Would be happy to be friends.

  • jusbar71
    jusbar71 Posts: 117 Member
    Hi I am new on here and could also do with new friends. I am nearly 45, need to lose approx 70lbs. Please add me