Are the calories burned that MFP reports accurate?

It is telling me that I've burned a little over 700 calories for 85 minutes of leisurely walking. That seems way too high. Is MFP accurate when reporting calories burned for a certain exercise?



  • smcrimmon84
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    No, unfortunately. I got a heart rate monitor for Christmas (Polar FT4 - only $60 and works great) and it is the most accurate way to get your calories burned - and Ive noticed the calorie burn on the FT4 is often significantly less than what MFP and what machines (treadmill, elliptical, arc trainer, bike, etc) at the gym will tell you.
  • soapsandropes
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    No, they tend to be very exaggerated, as are the calorie burns reported on machines.
  • TarahByte
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    Heck no. I don't know how they get those numbers but I'm 4'11 and I burn way less calories than normal sized people. I can work out twice a day while my boyfriend plays Xbox all day and he'll still burn way more calories than me. We both have Fitbits so we compare in the evenings. I also have a Polar FT4 and it's more accurate than the Fitbit btw and yes, it's cheaper now than when I got mine years ago. I suggest some sort of continuous heart rate monitor.
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    Heart rate monitors are great for steady state cardio. If you plan on starting cycling or running, this would be a good investment.

    Activity trackers are great for measuring activity level and step based exercise. If walking is your main exercise, this is your best bet.

    Yoga, strength training, hiit, circuit training....all of these are guesses. Many people start by eating back a percentage (50-75%) and then adjust up or down as weight loss progresses.
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    @jarablue , @smcrimmon84 and @soapsandropes Any Calorie Burn is at best a Guesstimate.
    Now is a good time to learn how to use the Search Function on MFP. This link will take you to a search window with the Term " Calories Burned " as the topic.

    At the top of many of the Boards you will see some stickied posts such as Most Helpful Posts in the Getting Started Message Board.

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    If you need a more precise way to measure your calories while walking, without buying heart rate monitors, I would suggest downloading Runtastic app. You can connect it to myfitnesspal and it will automatically update your activities on MFP. The app is free and all you have to do is have your phone with you when performing activity.