Just another blip towards my dreams

Soooooo stepped on the scale this morning and was temporarily disgusted. Then I was excited for the opportunity to make 2016 the year it finally works! After all....it's not where the journey begins but where it ends that I should focus my emotions on!


  • tmauck4472
    tmauck4472 Posts: 1,783 Member
    Exactly, get to it and be awesome
  • Kitty_Nikki
    Kitty_Nikki Posts: 44 Member
    I think most of us on here can understand that feeling of disgust. It was that disgust at myself that finally lit a fire under my *kitten* to do something about it. You have the right idea, looking at it as an opportunity to improve yourself. You'll do great, good luck!
  • BanannaNut
    BanannaNut Posts: 25 Member
    Um yeah. It was a sad morning on the scale today. Your post perked me back up. We are not alone, let's just get back to it! :smile: