Nutri ninja

Just bought the ninja 900watt. Trying to get healthy. Just need a little guidance on the best way to get started. What are the basic essential ingredients I should start with? What other tips can you share?


  • Sabine_Stroehm
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    Eat lots of whole foods that YOU think are delicious. Since you bought a ninja and want to add smoothies add a smoothie with lots of healthy things you think are tasty. Use that as a snack, or maybe for breakfast as you get going. Otherwise just eat whole foods you think are tasty (vegetables, lean meats, nuts, seeds, legumes, whole grains, dairy, fruits). And add a treat a day as it fits your calories.

    Most importantly, since you're here, and using MFP: keep a reasonable calorie deficit, log honestly and get going!

    KEEP a REASONABLE deficit. Do what you tell MFP you want to do. But be sure that's realistic. If you have a lot to lose 2 Lbs a week might be reasonable. If you have a bit to lose, go for 1Lb a week. FOLLOW THAT.

    Good luck!
  • goldthistime
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    We make smoothies in the morning to have with breakfast. It's perfect for us because we are reasonably good at getting veggies in at lunch/supper,but not in the morning. We throw in a green of some sort every time. Kale frequently but sometimes spinach or romaine lettuce. We always put fruit for sweetness in it too, sometimes fresh, sometimes frozen. The third mainstay is ice. Sometimes we add other vegetables like peppers, carrots or cucumber, or beets. Occasionally we add yogurt, avocado or almond milk. Decadent days we add coconut milk. We throw in some fresh ginger if we are looking to disguise a strong taste (like beets). I still have an egg sandwich in the morning, otherwise I would throw in protein powder or hemp hearts. Half the fun is experimenting. We just got ours in November and we have been having a blast trying all kinds of combinations. Enjoy.
  • MrsSylvie
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    for breakfast/shakes:
    unsweeten vanilla almond milk
    bananas (freeze them when they get ripe, will sweeten and thicken shakes/smoothies)
    plain greek yogurt (or reg. yogurt like vanilla or plain)
    100% cocoa powder if you like chocolate
    optional: hemp hearts (for good fats/fiber/omegas/etc)

    for smoothies;
    baby spinach or/& baby kale
    bananas frozen
    100% pineapple juice
    oranges peeled or orange juice (2oz in green smoothies makes them taste so much better to me)
    hemp hearts

    theres lots of other fruits/veggies/seeds/protein powders/etc kinda things you can add to the list but, the aboves is what i always have on hand and use every single time. some do use water with or instead of juices but, personally i found the smoothie taste to be horrid tasting with water but, not too if you make green tea with it and add it that way.
  • GCPgirl
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    I got one for Christmas and so far made a smoothie with apples and coconut water, another with frozen berry mix, a soup with sweet potatoes, carrots, soup broth and pepper, and I made homemade hummus.
    I'm looking for different ideas too.
    My guess would be to have the following ingredients around depending on what you want to make:
    Plain yogurt
    Coconut water
    spinach and/or kale
    frozen bananas
    then you can add sweet potatoes, carrots, any type of fruit, almond milk.

    really it is endless, it all depends on what you like.
  • Marianna93637
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    The best way to log your smoothies is this:
    - place your container on your digital scale
    - add your first item, let's spinach. Log the grams shown on the scale.
    - zero out the scale, now it should be back to nothing
    - add your next item, for example banana. Log that
    -and continue like this. Then mix them. This way you know exactly what goes in your smoothie.

    Don't get carried away by popular recipes. A lot of times those smoothies are so calorie dense, you might as well eat a slice of pizza. Chia seeds, peanut butter, banana, yoghurt, almonds, etc all add a lot of calories. I'm not saying not to add them, I'm just saying to watch out and use them sparingly.