Sadly starting over again, support welcomed !

I'm back I used to get on and log a lot and eat healthy but the last 3 months I been eating nothing but bad. I would love tips on food and workouts


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    Hi! I would love to connect! Feel free to add me!
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    I'm back I used to get on and log a lot and eat healthy but the last 3 months I been eating nothing but bad. I would love tips on food and workouts

    You seem to have figured out how to be healthier before you reverted back to old habits. Why did you revert back? What tripped you up? What can you do differently this time to address that?
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    I am back and I need lots of help. Menopause has hit with a vengeance and I have done so much comfort eating that I am heavier than I was pregnant with my last child
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    Feel free to add me, just got back myself! :-)
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    What works for myself and ppl I assist is eliminating labels such as "bad", "good" and "healthy".Nurish your body with foods that are nutritionally dense, minimally processed, and fit what you need to consume for the day. think of food that will help you reach your macros and food you enjoy you can make your own version. For example, I used to buy soy pudding, but now I make chia seed pudding with ingridents I have and it is way more nutritionally dense than what I would buy at whole food.
    Good luck!
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    haha same i really wanna stick to it, but sometimes i fall off the wagon, everybody needs some help staying on sometimes!
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    I wasn't in menopause on Christmas morning. According to some labs I recently had done my one remaining ovary (I lost my left ovary to a twisted ovary ten years ago) is fully functional. But by Christmas day afternoon 2015 (yes just two weeks ago) I was instantly thrown into surgical menopause. When I had my left ovary removed in 2005 I was told that it was a very rare thing and it wouldn't happen to me again. Christmas day 2015 brought terrible stomach pains. A CT scan in the emergency room showed a mass in my lower right abdomen about the size of a grapefruit. Surgery revealed a twisted ovary again. It was already dead so they removed it and thus I was plunged instantly into surgical menopause. Merry Christmas to me. :s So far.....2 weeks out from surgery.....I actually feel pretty good. I have not noticed ANY menopausal symptoms. No hot flashes, crying spells, mood swings. Nothing. Here's to hoping I will be like my mother who sailed through menopause without a single solitary symptom.
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    I'm back at it again too. Feel free to add me :)
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    I'm starting over again too! Deff would love to exchange tips to getting back to being healthy :)
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    Meeee tooooooo!

    As for @Zara11's question, my answer would be that I got lazy, I stopped logging and exercising, I enjoyed eating whatever I wanted and however much of it I wanted. I enjoyed the booze. I enjoyed the extra hours in my week that I reclaimed from exercising.

    I'm back because I'm unhappy in and with my body. I'm back because I can't afford to buy a whole new wardrobe. I'm back because we're going back to France in August and I don't want to have to hide every time someone tries taking a photo on the beach. I'm back because I want to be positive about my body as my stepdaughter grows up but not in a way that focusses on "dieting". I'm back because someone I know lost a shed load of weight on Slimming World and the stubborn, know-it-all part of me wants to do the same for FREE and without weird syn rules!
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    I am also guilty of being a bit of a yo-yo'er - I can stay clean for sprints of time but then revert to bad habits. Trying a different approach this time and have a "cheat day" - will add you!