Motivational Friends Wanted

Looking for friends to help motivate and encourage each other along the way. We all live busy lives so any tips and advice would be appreciated. Thanks


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    Me too
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    Feel free to add me..
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    I'm in!
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    Please feel free to add me ;) I love motivating others. (FYI I am the President of the Happy Club.)
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    Feel free to add me everyone. I'll paste my usual message below with some good pointers to start out.

    Here are some tips to help you get started (yes, I copy/paste... it's good advice!):
      - Buy a food scale and use it religiously! You need to know exactly how much you're putting in your body. If you "guesstimate" you will be wrong 100% of the time. - Log everything you eat. Don't get in the mindset that you can only log sometimes. You need to have a history of what you eat to help you know what your triggers may be, know what you are lacking, etc. - Don't change everything all at once or you will just burn yourself out quickly. Make small changes and continue to add to it and a few weeks or months later you will be living the lifestyle you want. - Don't give up just because you go over. Make up for it during the week or just take it as a lesson and move on. Bumps in the road will happen, this is not a straight line - You are accountable for you. Everyone here can push you, but if you aren't honest with yourself, it won't matter what anyone else does. - PERSONALLY: Calories In vs Calories Out (CICO) is the way to lose weight. Anyone who says you HAVE to eat clean, low carb, keto, etc. are fooling you. While they may lose weight faster, it is not something you can normally stick with. Science has proven that CICO is how you lose or gain weight. So eat that pizza, eat that burger, don't force yourself to have salad every single day. Eat the way you want to live your life, just learn to do it in moderation.

    Good luck to you all.
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    Feel free to add me as well :)
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    Add me please. I need some support too.