Insanity or P90X for weight loss?

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Hey guys. I was wondering which program is the BEST for weight loss? I'm going to vegas in September and I'd like to lose at least 50lbs by then. Should I do insanity or P90X for weight loss?

Thanks so much!


  • kimny72
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    Sticking to eating the calories you are supposed to will have far more affect on how much you weigh then which workout you do. In all seriousness, the best workout for weightloss is the one you will do consistently, so whichever one you think you will enjoy more!

    Unless you have a lot to lose, 2 lbs a week is a pretty aggressive goal, so just do your best and make sure you keep it up after your trip so you can keep that healthy weight :)
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    equipment requirements are you have pull up bars, dumbells, etc? They are required for P90X. Insanity only needs your body weight and maybe a mat for comfort
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    As many here have said:

    Calorie deficit for weight loss
    Workouts for fitness
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    I did both programs for roughly 3 months each, and I lost maybeeee 5 pounds total. With P90X, I was so darn hungry I was eating like a starved person, and it wasn't always healthy. I was cognizant of that with Insanity, but still didn't lose weight. However, I looked sexy as hell and dropped 3 pant sizes and went from a XL shirt to a Medium. Right now I am doing T25 with pilates, and being very mindful of what I eat in hopes I start to lose weight, but I am doubtful. For some reason I just don't lose while doing anything other than running.

    I say that to you because like others have said, what you eat makes a much bigger difference in weight. I can run 10 miles, but if I eat Chimichangas and pizza everyday, I'm going to gain.
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    I have used both programs and like them both because they are so different! So the question is do you want to build serious muscle (P-90X) or get super toned and build some muscle (Insanity). I found that both programs help you lose the weight as long as you are doing the program and continue with that program or keep doing something. I still do both programs and love them. I have the original (1st) P-90X and Insanity. The P-90X is 45 minutes. So I am not sure about P-90X 2 or 3. Best of luck. Anything choose to do, do it consistently and you will see results.
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    The most important advice has already been given: eat at a reasonable calorie deficit for your body and activity.

    I've done P90X (the only program that I did not finish), P90X3, Insanity, T25, and Insanity Max 30. And I preferred Insanity to P90X and Insanity Max 30 to P90X3 (the 30 minute option of both programs). I didn't follow either meal plan, but I did TDEE and I loss weight and inches and I did get stronger with both. After doing T25 I was able to do multiple push-ups in a row. I had my lowest resting heart rate while doing Shaun T's more challenging programs. P90X was nice, but I like that you don't need any equipment with any of the Insanity programs.

    Also, you may find that you don't mesh with their personalities. When I first did P90X, I didn't mind Tony's personality. He was fun and silly, but he really grated on my nerves during X3. IMO he was really obnoxious with the bashing of gyms and people who are gym goers.

    Whereas Shaun T is really motivating. There's something about him that makes you want to keep going even when you're tired. After doing T25, Insanity, and Insanity Max 30 I went on to do a relay half marathon with my coworkers. They really helped my stamina.

    I've moved on to doing pole, but I will still throw in an Max 30 or T25 workout when I don't feel like poling, but still want to workout. I use X3's Cold Start as part of my warm up to do pole.

    Good luck.
  • Lisa1971
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    Thanks so much everyone! Still weighing my options but all of your opinions sure do help!
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    Don't try to think of it as losing for an event because what happens after that? Think about it as a lifestyle change that is not geared around any one thing. That will help keep it off long term
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    I tried P90X didn't finish the program, found the workouts too long and I could not stand Tony Horton and his slow drawn out talking and repeating the same thing over and over. Just tried P90 this week and didn't care for it at all. Insanity was just that insane, a wicked fast paced workout and Shaun T is great, talks just enough and a great motivator. T25 was my favorite, completed the program no problem with great results.

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    I really like both, I found P90X was a good way to prepare me for the insane amount of push-ups in insanity (that is the insane part imo). Then I peppered in some P90X's here and there to supplement and support Insanity. I will say that Insanity is the program that took the most inches off me, but I never could have done it properly without P90X first.