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    There's Russel Stover sugar free chocolate. Its heaven in a wrapper and lower in calories :) check it out!
  • Tatarataa
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    There is a chocolate lovers group here that might be worth having a look at to get some more ideas and find like-minded people :smile:
  • MilllieMoo
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    I suck on a square of 85% chocolate and really savour it. I never want more than two or three as there's so much cacao in it that it satisfied my craving with less.
  • SpclK1106
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    For a snack, I take half of a banana and dip it in Justin's chocolate hazelnut butter (I nuke it for 30 seconds because I keep it in the fridge). Its delicious. I don't eat a lot of sugar free stuff because I don't think all the artificial sweeteners are healthy. It may not be the 'low cal' you are searching for, because it is a nut butter, but man it is good!
  • mpat81
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    Fresh raspberries with dark chocolate chips stuffed inside. Tastes sooo good and you can have a ton of them for very few calories. White chocolate chips are good this way too!
  • SyllyReth
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    I've traded in my regular overindulgence of sweets and given over to skinny cow, which is fantastic. It doesn't kill my calories for the day and it's actually really tasty.

    Otherwise, I trades some of my cookies, cake, junk stuff over for fruit. It's a slow, slow process.
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    I bake sweet potatoes, peel and mash them and mix them with cocoa powder and honey or real maple syrup. I top it with chopped walnuts for omega 3 fatty oils. It is like a warm chocolate pudding. Totally helps my chocolate craving. I also make chocolate smoothies in my Vitamix. I do a Premier Protein chocolate shake, a banana, and ice. You can also freeze the smoothie to make a healthy chocolate ice cream.
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    Chocolate chips in the freezer. WEIGH out portion size you desire. Put in a small dish and munch one at a time while reading or watching the tube. Don't over do it...
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    mpat81 wrote: »
    Fresh raspberries with dark chocolate chips stuffed inside!

    I'm drooling!!

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    Keurig Swiss Miss hot cocoa with marshmallow is only 50 calories and satisfies my chocolate sweet tooth cravings.
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    For 67 calories you can have a venti copy cat recipe for Starbucks chocolate milk (mocha if you add instant espresso, instant coffee)
    In a sauce pan add 1/4 C of water, 2 Tble spoons Hershey's cocoa, 2 Tble Swerve sugar replacement, pinch of Himalayan salt (optional) and if you prefer mocha add espresso or coffee at this time. Heat for 2 minutes stirring with wire whisk. It will kind of make a syrup. Take off heat, add 1 1/2 Cups of Blue Diamond unsweetened vanilla almond cashew milk, stir in vanilla and pour over ice. I usually add two drops of liquid stevie to my drink right before I pour it over ice. You could also warm it up for a hot drink. Makes a big drink for only 67 calories!
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    I keep the little bit size milky ways on hand for when I want chocolate. One serving is 7 pieces and only 170 calories. I try and keep myself at 3 pieces and 2 bits per piece.
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    I love these protein peanut butter cups for my chocolate fix!
  • GsKiki
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    I work it in my meals, and just have a little bit.
    Also I really enjoy banana - cocoa smoothie. You need 1/2 of banana, 150ml milk, 1 tbsp cocoa and little bit of cinamon. Less than 150 calories and it is delicious!
  • coppertop_4
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    I use frozen banana with chocolate protein powder and extra cocoa powder with almond milk and create a super thick chocolate "milkshake" which I eat as a meal.
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    wooohoooo lol

    For people who like chocolate here is my new favorite since today

    15 gram of Fiber one chocolate pudding mix ( 40 calories)
    And 40 gram of oats



    Result a finger licking bowl stuff, creamy and all

    A gooye substance that fills you up and makes you warm and fuzzy lolll
    Time to experiment with this basic recipe...think of milk nuts seeds nom nom nom