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Any other runners out there? I've ran for a number of years, currently I'm in training for my second and 3rd marathons this April (Manchester and London) and have just started doing park run which I love.


  • DefyGravity1977
    DefyGravity1977 Posts: 300 Member
    I am kind of a newbie. Have been running/walking since 2012 and am hoping to run my second 1/2 marathon in October.
  • holothuroidea
    holothuroidea Posts: 772 Member
    I've been running for 6 years. I've done a lot of fun runs and 5k's but I never trained with enough consistency or intensity for something like a marathon. Maybe in the future.

    I only run when the weather is perfect, because I'm a huge wimp and running is sort of hard. When it's too hot I cycle and when it's too cold I walk. :lol:
  • ereck44
    ereck44 Posts: 1,170 Member
    Yes, just got interested in running a couple of years ago. I have run 3 half marathons so far and totally love it. I am trying to figure out which ones I want to run this year....not ready for a marathon yet...maybe in 2017. It is helping me lose the last 10 pounds that I need to get to goal.
  • L_Master
    L_Master Posts: 354 Member
    More of a cyclist now, but try and get in at least one decent running training cycle per year. Working on dropping those last 15lbs so I can really throw down a mean 5k.
  • Orphia
    Orphia Posts: 7,097 Member
    I started running in September 2015, and ran my first full 5 km parkrun on December 5th.

    I love parkrun, and running!

    The MFP runners hang out in the monthly Running Challenge threads.

    Here is the January thread:
  • itsmeGennie
    itsmeGennie Posts: 39 Member
    Hiya! I am a runner - I'm training for a half in May and a 10K in Sept.

    I want to work on getting faster.
  • dewd2
    dewd2 Posts: 2,445 Member
    Checkout this group here at MFP forums.

    There are several other running groups here as well but the one I linked to is the most active.
  • karlydaniels
    karlydaniels Posts: 19 Member
    Thank you for the running group recommendations, I will pop over and join
  • kattle32
    kattle32 Posts: 8 Member
    I'm a new runner, only been running for 6 years. I've done a bunch of 5ks, an 8k and two 10ks. Had to take a year off to recover from a meniscus repair. I'm slowly building up my distance and working towards my first half marathon in November. Sadly, today my knee is sore and I'm feeling frustrated.
  • blondierunner2015
    blondierunner2015 Posts: 129 Member
    Runner here! Off and on since I was 14! Just starting back, so I'm slow and just a mile at a time. I'm prone to injury, so..taking it easy
  • karlydaniels
    karlydaniels Posts: 19 Member
    Have added you all I hope you don't mind B)
  • hyg99
    hyg99 Posts: 354 Member
    Also a runner, did my first and only hm last year, this year doing another in March then hopefully a full in September.
    A long way to go though with training started last week, determined to do one and feels like a good year to go for it.
    I run 4 x a week, 2 treadmill 2 outside,