Should I really adjust calories for steps?

Should I really add the suggested number of calories for the step counter? Thanks!


  • AmyOutOfControl
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    I do and I have been loosing. I have my Fitbit synced up to MFP. Make sure you set your activity level to sedintary first. Otherwise, you will be double counting your activity.
  • drewfields
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  • mlclark86
    mlclark86 Posts: 33 Member
    I agree with above. If you have it set to sedentary then count the steps. ☺

  • simplycidalia
    simplycidalia Posts: 46 Member
    I don't. But then again, I'm short (few calories needed even for maintenance), over 40, and already have been walking pretty much everywhere for years, so adding them back in would likely mean not losing any weight.

    For more strenuous exercise, yep.
  • jennifer_417
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    As long as your activity level is set at sedentary, then you should be fine to eat them back.
  • SisC3
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    I generally do not, but it is nice to have the extra calories when going out.
  • pineapple1989
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    I generally don't, I tend to only count calories from specific exercises I have done, but it's nice to have a buffer in case I go slightly over :smile:
  • callsitlikeiseeit
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    i do not.