What food changes have you made so far?



  • amipersin
    amipersin Posts: 8 Member
    So far I have given up any drinks with calories (much rather eat my calories then drink them) except for my morning coffee :)

    I have cut down my serving sizes A LOT! I find if I log my food before I eat it then I go into eating my meal knowing I can only eat this amount, but also know that if I am still hungry I still have calorie room for certain things, And just knowing what I can or can not eat has made a huge difference, I could very easily eat 2-3 servings of pasta when I didn't care and walk away feeling awful, now that I am weighing my food and know I can generally only have a half serving I am quite satisfied with it :)
  • SyllyReth
    SyllyReth Posts: 59 Member
    I have started adding in a lot more veggies, and swapping out sweets for fruit. I love fruit, but I'm not big on veggies, so I am trying it with baby steps. I'm proud of the fact that last week I managed 1-2 servings of veggies every day. I know that isn't what it's *supposed* to be, but it's a really big change for me. Other than that, I really haven't changed much else.
  • kz_dc
    kz_dc Posts: 23 Member
    I've gone largely to keto, so I've given up most bread, starch, sugar, etc. But I do enjoy a treat now and again. Last night, I split a molten lava cake with vanilla ice-cream after dinner at a restaurant. However, I don't keep such things in the house, enjoy them them when I've a lower-than-usual calorie day, and it's really worth it, taste-wise, to me. I don't feel bad splurging on a half of a really nice dessert now and again. But that means something that's made fresh, often hot, and won't mean an almost-full bag of cookies in my pantry afterwards!
  • try2again
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    My friends and I were just having this conversation yesterday. It's not so much about "giving up" anything, as we've just gotten pickier about what we're willing to use our calories on. Some changes make it easier to fit in the things you really want. I only use low-calorie bread, skip pre-packaged cookies but enjoy home-baked stuff, use unsweetened almond milk instead of skim milk, try to get more protein in my day, to name a few.
  • billy_mireles
    billy_mireles Posts: 14 Member
    Did the whole reduced carb for 3 months (50 g and less) and lost roughly 40 lbs. First week or so sucks! Especially during your workouts but tend to get used to it. I changed my diet to a carb night with 1 night I can eat any carbs but within a 6 hour period than back at it for another 10 days. Sticking to roughly 35 g of carbs for post workouts only. I'm enjoying this one at this moment
  • ElJefeChief
    ElJefeChief Posts: 650 Member
    I stopped emphasizing low-carb eating, except when it's an easy way to lower calorie counts in favorite foods (like, if I'm making chocolate chip cookies, I think they taste the same if you sub splenda for sugar).

    Somewhat related to the above, I eat a lot more sugar food and junk food than I used to (yes, I still eat fruits and vegetables daily). Which is kind of fun.

  • talismanicmagic
    talismanicmagic Posts: 36 Member
    I've given up soy milk in my coffee. It was making me feel blah and I was drinking up to 200 cal a day. I'm happily enjoying my coffee black.