Any other moms ever feel overwhelmed with keeping the family going and always putting everyone else first?! I love to workout, but lately I feel like it's so overwhelming and I'm with my kids so much that when I do leave or do something for myself (like working out) I tend to feel guilty.
Any else like this?


  • asyk805
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    Single mom here so I feel ya. I do try to get some exercise in with the munch though. He's taking karate now and has a kick bag in the garage and he will work on that while I do other exercises. I also have a recumbent bike in the living room and we both use it while watching tv.
  • FaerieCae
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    I just send my kids out to the backyard while I workout. Usually its not for as long as Id like but its enough to make me feel like I've done something at least.
  • DefyGravity1977
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    I was like that. For ten years, my ex (and the children) made me feel guilty for wanting to take care of me, however, something I learned is that in order for me to continue being able to take care of everyone else I had to take care of me first. There is no exception. Now, my new husband is insistent that I take time for me to run/workout/or whatever I need for me to be happy and healthy. He is even walking with me and will take care of my daughter who is the only one who can't be left alone now. You have to get them to understand that you have to take that time.
  • Ninkyou
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    Sounds like separation anxiety.

    Have someone else look after the kids and go do your thing. There's nothing wrong with taking care of yourself an hour a day or so. Alternatively, take them with you on a walk or something. Play a long game of tag or soccer, basketball, whatever.
  • melduf
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    Being a good role model is so important. They will reap the benefits of having a healthy mother.
    You can also involve your kids in your fitness journey. There are great workout videos on Youtube with strollers and on the ground with toddlers. Your town might offer mommy-baby yoga lessons or stuff like that. You can also use a resistance band while they play at the park or in the yard.
  • jemhh
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    I never feel guilty. I consider it my duty to teach my daughter that my world doesn't always revolve around her. 60-90 minutes of me doing my thing will not hurt her in any way. It keeps me healthy, happy, and sane which, trust me, keeps my family happier too :wink:
  • janjunie
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    I have 3 kids and trust me we all need our "alone" time. The kids need it, dad needs it and I definitely need it. I'm a better mom for making time for myself a few hours a week. Working out is how I de-stress and since I've started working out my girls have taken an interest in fitness blender videos, so it's good for all of us.
  • Hot_Mama2016
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    Yes! Totally! We owe it to ourselves and our children to put our health on the top list each day. I have to remind myself I am being the example and my little guy is learning from me.
  • CourtneyLomonaco
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    My husband is wonderful and knows that I "need" that time to stay sane. I am a lucky woman. I love it that my kids (2,3,5) are starting to understand how that time is good for my body. And knowing that my fit body helped make those kids makes me enjoy it all (workout and family) a little more!
  • MostlyWater
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    You have to streamline your life. It's not easy.
  • SunflowerCat74
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    I make time for me and have a husband who understands that I need to get away and workout. I'm a better mom when I work out regularly and I try to get my kids to exercise with me when I can't get to class - like on snow days we shovel together or have push up contests. But we also ski together, hike, walk, etc...
  • tlcAK
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    I am a mom of two (5 and 1). Work part time and working on the thesis for grad school. Trying to keep the house up, cook, and everything else it's very hard to take care of myself. But I'm working on it. I'm getting better. Always looking for new mom friends :)
  • mkakids
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    Yup. Mom of 4 here. I occasionally feel guilty...but if i dont take time for me, i feel even more overwhelmed and stressed!
  • samthepanda
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    I have a 3 and a 12. The eldest has autism and can't be left on his own, or go to a friends so its like having 2 younger ones. My gym time, and Dads, is part of the family timetable. Its hard sometimes when the youngest cries as she doesn't want be to go, but I know its important for my physical and mental health to have that time. I try and go when it is least inconvenient - I go on a wed night as soon as hubby gets home as she likes me to put her to bed, it means I eat late but that's OK. I go before 8am on a Sunday, but make sure Dad gets a good sleep in on a Sat (I never sleep late anyway). When its not possible I walk with the kids as much as I can (even if its parking as far away from the shop), do lots of jobs that involve going up and down stairs etc. I love that one of my daughters games is 'I'm going to the gym'
  • wolf_mommy
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    I hate working out at the best of times, the kids are such an easy excuse!! I've tried to find ways to incoperate them, but I only get more frustrated and demoralized. For example, I love hiking. Even in 5 feet of snow. It's great exercise and good for my soul too. Hike with kids? Are you kidding? I do it, for them, never for me. They are slow and get too quickly into whine mode. It was easier when they were babes, and I could throw them in the ERGO and hit a trail. Man, that was a great work out!

    Now, I don't know. I feel hopeless about it.