What happened to the January Rush



  • ew_david
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    I thought mine would be packed too, but there has only been a very slight increase. Last night though, there wasn't a cardio machine to be had from 5-6pm, but the free weight section didn't look that bad.
  • PaulaWallaDingDong
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    It just hit at the fitness center where I work. We were freaking out at how many towels we were washing last night. (That's how we judge how "crazy" our night was. This is my life now.)
  • arditarose
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    My gym is pretty normal too. At least as far as people wanting to lift go. Even the cardio area seems pretty regular though.
  • minniestar55
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    My gym isn't as packed as it used to be in Jan, I think because 3 lower cost gyms have opened in the area. But the bootcamp I go to 3x week is bursting @ the seams.
  • DWBalboa
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    I’m still in keeping with my “NYR,” eat more, drink more, live more, party more and sleep more!
  • chandanista
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    Weds. was still packed, but Thurs. was a ghost town; I wondered if I had missed a memo. Today was about normal.

    A bunch of local trainers and nutrition-type businesses started "win money for losing" competitions within the last week so I estimated the drop off wouldn't happen until late February. We'll see.
  • Packerjohn
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    Not a real big influx at my gym. A bunch of gyms in my smaller city are part of a Blue Cross/Blue Shield program that lets you go to a number of gyms for a $25/month payment. My gym doesn't participate and several large employers offer the BC/BS insurance as an option. May have lost some a the start of the year when people changed insurance plans.
  • Jruzer
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    I use a private gym at work and haven't seen any new people, honestly.

    But the MFP January rush is in full swing.
  • dawnsnarks
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    I've seen a couple of new faces at my gym but I work 9:30 to 6 so when I go at 1:30, the place is darn near empty (after the lunch rush, before the evening crush). We do have a large senior contingent though. They are adorable.
  • Slashnl
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    It has really dropped back off at my gym, compared to the beginning of the week. But, they are starting some 12 week challenges next week, so I was wondering if maybe people were going to wait until next week, so that their weight loss totals are bigger.
  • pincushion14
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    My rush started right before thanksgiving, about two weeks out. RIDICULOUS until Christmas then it just dropped off to regulars. This group didn't even make it to new years. Lol
  • TaraTall
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    Next week i think we will notice a decline
  • cw106
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    My gym isn't as packed as it used to be in Jan, I think because 3 lower cost gyms have opened in the area. But the bootcamp I go to 3x week is bursting @ the seams.
    agree totally.i now drive past 3 new l£10 a month gyms to get to my significantly more costly contracted gym.when contract is over,i shall be moving on too.

  • murph155
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    It's funny some people mentioning cheaper gyms as the reason for theirs not being crowded. Mine is pretty costly (no contracts, though), but they have EVERYTHING and I use the heck out of it, as do a lot of people. There's a cheaper one down the road - mostly cardio machines and some free wights, I think - and they're empty!
  • janjunie
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    My gym decided to announce they are going out of business on January 15th...guess there weren't enough New Years resolutions enrolments...(grumbles f$@%ing gym).
  • snowflake930
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    edited January 2016
    I go very early (3am M-F, 5am S-S), there are more people than usual (which really isn't many at these times anyway) 4-5 besides me, usually 1 or 2 besides me. Pretty much have my pick of anything always, and I like it like that. Plus I have my exercising out of the way very early.
  • dolliesdaughter
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    I go to LaFitness and I go after work (after 3:30p) and it is still as empty as it was in December. I thought it was only my gym.
  • pineapple1989
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    Mine hasn't been as busy as I thought it would be, the spin class hasn't even been full and that's normally full even without the January rush!
  • quiksylver296
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    My gym has been busier, but not ridiculous. I have only had to wait for the squat rack once, and I talked with the guys using it and they let me know as soon as they were done.
  • snowflake954
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    My pool is full since everyone is back from Christmas vacation. It will get worse, going towards spring we have what is called "the swim suit tryout crowd". They want to hit the beaches in June in form. My yoga class has also doubled. This in Italy.