Looking for friends to keep me motivated!

Hi everyone! I'm just looking to find some friends to keep me motivated. I joined here some time back and have been on and off with using it. I successfully lost 25 pounds from my highest weight(220lb) a year and a half back and have been hovering between 185-195lb ever since. Currently at the higher end of that. Looking to get down to 150 in the end. I'm thinking having a group of friends on here will keep me motivated. Any support would be greatly appreciated! Feel free to add me as a friend :)


  • BRobinson2181
    BRobinson2181 Posts: 1 Member
    Hello!! I too lost alot of weight back in 2013/2014 and has since gained it back. I'm looking for support n motivation as well. Add me if you'd like. Good luck :)
  • JessicaLewis4
    JessicaLewis4 Posts: 1 Member
    Hey!! I recently just joined after putting it off for months. I'm down to be a motivational voice too :)
  • Hot_Mama2016
    Hot_Mama2016 Posts: 13 Member
    I have been there so I totally understand needing a little support and motivation.
  • Kaybnrs
    Kaybnrs Posts: 7 Member
    Ditto... I just wish it was a little easier to add friends.
  • AprilGuy
    AprilGuy Posts: 1 Member
    Hang in there! Do something every day! I dance while I do the dishes, so barely any exercise
  • LunaZuriel
    LunaZuriel Posts: 77 Member
    Add me! I'm always looking for friends and or motivational partners to get through the week without ripping my hair out. =-p
  • briboud
    briboud Posts: 22 Member
    Thank you all :)
  • Smile72
    Smile72 Posts: 104 Member
    I'm back as well. Feel free to add me. Stay focused and take each day as it comes. ☺