Healthy Eaters needed please. Bad Dr. Visit.

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Hi, Ive been a member here for a long time. The most Ive lost is 45 lbs, but my motivation leaned towards looking good instead of being healthy really. Now, my motivation is solely dependent on getting healthy. Before, I believed I could eat whatever I wanted as long as I stayed within my calorie goal. I still believe that because Ive done that. BUT, I can't think like that anymore because my health has really taken a toll downward. I'm actually scared. My cholesterol is sky high. Im on BP meds, Cholesterol meds and my sugar was alittle high too. I'm praying I don't have to be put on diabetic meds. I will find out this week. I am almost 45 yrs old. My husband passed away from a massive heart attack at age 48. I am remarried now and luckily my hubby is changing his eating too. It's sooooo much harder being in a relationship and having to change my eating by myself. You know, like having to keep unhealthy food in the house for the other person. Now, I have gotten rid of the junk.

So anyway, I have to eat healthy fats and lower the bad fats and salt and sugar. I am not ridding myself of any food group. So, I am looking for some more friends with similar eating goals. Please see my profile and add me if you have room for another friend. I am needing friends with viewable diaries please. Mine is also viewable. I am 5'2 and weigh 207 lbs. Yes I am putting all my business out there lol! Why not? This is a weightloss site so no use in hiding anything. Sorry, if I rambled :blush: Oh and I am on day 2 of healthy eating. It's amazing how much food I can eat when it's healthy. I have not met my calorie goal of 1400 cals the last 2 days, and I know I need to. I will probably add almonds to get my cals up some. Thanks for reading and please add me if you can.


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    Hi and welcome!! Getting healthy is an awesome goal!!

    You can do this again!!
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    You may try this in the food and nutrition board... a lot of foodies in there ;) I try to eat healthier, not that that's always healthy. Feel free to add me if you'd like :)
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    You will feel better when you are able to eat to live on a daily basis. It is almost like we have let go of our eating habits of the past and form a new healthy relationship as good fuel for our body. It is a mindset, not a punishment. Remember that, most of all.

    Here's a goal for you. Haven't you repeatedly heard of stories where people had several health issues and they disappeared once they lost the weight and changed their lifestyle permanently? This could be you! You have the power.
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    I am 40 and my sugar level is always borderline so I really watch my carb intake. I am starting out, again, so I don't have a specific carb goal but try to choose the protein and veggies more than carbs. I will try to friend you on your profile but I am new and not sure how to navigate so well.
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    Have you considered the Mediterranean diet? Studies have shown that it helps reduce cholesterol even better then the medications (statins) do, depending on your risk factors.

    Basically you eat like the greeks do, lots of fruits, veggies, legumes, nuts, and fish. I highly recommend it!
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    thank you everyone. yes my goal is to get off meds. the stories of people getting off meds are very inspiring and I want that to be me. The Mediterranean diet sounds good. sounds like what I want to be eating. Thx again for all of your comments and I will take the advice of reposting in Food and Nutrition board.