Getting the motivation back!

I've been on and off with using this app to help. I'm at a point where I just need to keep at it and stay motivated. Motivation is slowly coming back, but I'm determined this time. I have to for me.


  • smzande
    smzande Posts: 159 Member
    Me too, I'm back and starting to lose again. What's your first mini goal?
  • etburton8
    etburton8 Posts: 1 Member
    I'm having trouble staying motivated and consistent with my exercise and eating habits.
  • scarlettsmom2013
    scarlettsmom2013 Posts: 67 Member
    Loss of motivation is why I'm here. Last fall I lost some weight than kinda gave up and gained it all back. I really need to lose this weight as I'm not happy with who I've become. I think late night snacking is my worst problem!
  • Lgokey02
    Lgokey02 Posts: 1 Member
    Same here!! This time I have a lot of people at work doing it too, so I'm hoping it will help!!
  • smzande
    smzande Posts: 159 Member
    edited January 2016
    I'm really bad when I start late night snacking. Lately I've just been going to bed early or eating enough at supper so I'm not hungry afterwards. It's helping, but I'm worried that if I have some wine I'll lose my motivation and indulge in some late night treats. I'm already planning lower cal options for my wine night.
  • bwade1998
    bwade1998 Posts: 12 Member
    Same exact situation! I found the last time on here the support to be motivating!
  • fiddletime
    fiddletime Posts: 1,864 Member
    I drink sparkling water now instead of wine, except for very special occasions. Doing that made a huge difference in my exercise level and my ability to stay below my calorie count. I'm almost at goal and think that almost eliminating wine as a daily beverage got me here. Not all will do that, but if you get stuck, consider it.
  • jellybean629
    jellybean629 Posts: 5 Member
    Small mini goal wld be to get back to my starting weight when I 1st signed up on here. Apparently since that I've put an additional 24lbs on.