Looking for open diary friends?

Chaagy Posts: 109 Member
I really enjoy looking at other people's diaries. Not to be nosy, but to find out what others are eating and to get ideas for myself. I'm a foodie at heart, and I don't believe that just because I'm limiting my calories, I can't eat interesting. So I seek out healthy meal ideas.

Being Asian, you're likely to see some dim sum, pho, bulgogi, and what not show up on my food diary from time to time. But I eat pretty much anything - burgers, tacos, BBQ, indian, falafel, shawarma, vegetarian - I eat it all (just not all at once... nowadays).

So if you're like me, and would like other open diary friends - comment here. There are only 2 rules:
1) You need to go into settings and open your diary as well. Fair is fair.
2) No judging other diaries. Questions about meals are fine (ie. how do you make that?).

Feel free to add me


  • habla25
    habla25 Posts: 17 Member
    I'm in! Going to my settings right now :)
  • flyingfur74
    flyingfur74 Posts: 80 Member
    I am Asian as well. My dairy is open. I am active so on everyday.
  • Graymanstole
    Graymanstole Posts: 257 Member
    Already have an open diary, but it's not very exciting. I eat a lot of the same stuff over and over. Not that I don't enjoy variety, but I work, wife works, dinner is often just whatever happens to be easiest at the time. Wife has celiac disease so most of what we make is gluten free. Oh, I eat a lot of junk as well, because I am not going to deprive myself of something, I just eat small amounts of the stuff I crave. Feel free to add if you wish.
  • josepentecost
    josepentecost Posts: 6 Member
    Im willing to share my meal plans. What works for me msy work for you.
  • mandapanda8313
    mandapanda8313 Posts: 18 Member
    My diary is pretty boring at times, but my husband is Korean and I loooove Korean food! I'll give you an add. I enjoy seeing what others eat as well. Gives me ideas!