I'm pathetic...



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    Congratulations on the weightloss. :)
  • rdgfreshstart2016
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    Congrats on the loss - keep it up. You got this!
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    Just an update for everyone, a few weeks later.

    I am down 10 pounds (mostly water weight, I know), I don't crave anything, I don't eat just to eat, I stay within my calories, I exercise at least 5 times per day and I am seriously kicking butt.

    Thank you everyone who had kind words. It is amazing how tough it can be but I actually feel that it is going to happen. My life is good, I want to make it better, and the only thing stopping me right now is me. And I won't do it.

    Hope everyone else is doing just as well!

    I mean per week, ha!

    And thank you everyone!
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    You're definitely not pathetic! We've all been there! The most difficult step is over when you decide you're willing to change :) congratulations on your weightloss already!! Keep at it!!