Has this ever happened to you before?

Good morning :#

I wanted to ask you all who are currently on your journey, has this ever happened to you? I started MFP around 2013, on my year journey I lost 80lbs! I started at 260 LBs being 5'0 ft and got down to 180lbs, I was so happy. I loved my new body (after being overweight for so long) I fell off track and just maintained at 180lbs half way through 2014. In July of 2014, I kicked in gear! I was working out and got down to 173lbs, I was thinner than when I was in Middle school. I was so happy and everything was going great. Then I got a new job - using my degree! I was so excited but it was an office job (sedentary mostly). I thought I would be able to continue to maintain/ lose weight at my own paste but it was not possible. I fell off the wagon. This morning I am weighing in at 210lbs. I have gained 37lbs in a year and a half. This morning I noticed my pants did not fit :s .

Here I am again! Starting all over - it seems. I need motivation and I need some friends who are willing to help me out with motivation! I will take control and I will lose this weight! ADD me please!


  • Has what ever happened to us before? The regaining weight? OMG. It's a constant battle! And it doesn't get easier every time either. REally, take some advice from me. Change your lifestyle to something that you can maintain forever, because it really does require that to keep it off. Look at (or register for) the national weight loss registry to see how to keep it off. Congratulations on your success by the way.
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    Oh hell yes! I had lost about 90 pounds a few years ago and was keeping it off and working on slowly losing the last 20 or so when my life completely derailed at the end of 2014. I regained about 40 pounds! I was able to stop gaining in the fall (refuse to buy bigger clothes!) and when I couldn't seen to lose on my own, decided it was time to come back to MFP in the new year.
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    Thanks guys! This is exactly what I am doing. I am not buying bigger clothes and I am back actively in MFP community. Thanks so much for ur help
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    I'm right there with you. From my lowest weight, I've put on 35 lbs. I'm back at it. It doesn't matter how many times you fall, what counts is how many times you stand up.