Soooo hungry after I work out!!

Was just wondering what people do post workout. I have a snack beforehand and then dinner after but I find dinner is never enough after a workout so I end up having something else
Does this happen to others and what can I do!?


  • CharlRandall
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    I get the same feeling so I've started drinking a couple of cups of tea (this usually fills me), if not then I just drink more water. Not sure this would work for everyone but might be worth a try :)
  • hupsii
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    Yes, especially after strength training, I could eat a horse. So, now I have a banana right after
  • PAV8888
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    Are you eating back your exercise calories? If you're not you may be creating an enormous deficit.

    Going with the conventionally safe deficit of 20% of your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (which can be increased to 25% while obese), a:

    500 Cal deficit implies a TDEE of: 2500 for normal/overweight; 2000 for obese
    750 Cal deficit implies a TDEE of: 3750 for normal/overweight; 3000 for obese
    1000 Cal deficit implies a TDEE of: 5000 for normal/overweight; 4000 for obese
    TDEE includes both exercise and non exercise calories.

    As you can see, for most people, conventionally safe deficits will be those in the 250 to 500Cal a day range (0.5lb to 1lb a week).

    Yes, keeping to a conventionally safe deficit will slow down your weight loss by a few weeks. However smaller deficits promote adherence and also help you figure out long term eating strategies as opposed to short term diet strategies.

    A 1lb a week rate still puts you on pace for a 50lbs a year loss--which is significant in anyone's books!

    If you happen to be a normal weight individual and you chose to subject yourself to a 50% deficit off of your TDEE (which often happens when people select 2lbs a week), you will be joyfully on your way to replicating the Minnesota Starvation Experiment.
  • dramaqueen45
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    I had this issue as well. I have started having a high protein snack right before my workout such as a cheese stick or some pistachios. It helps a lot.
  • missyw007
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    After u workout there is a small window where if u eat the right foods, it will go to your muscles to repair them. I always get hungry after a workout. i grab my protein shake.