What Finally Motivated You to Lose Weight?



  • tenkides
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    Pain and people calling me pregnant every day.
  • thankyou4thevenom
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    2 things made me do something about it. The first was the frankly ridiculous reaction to the Protien World advert. I did not want to be like the women who were taking something not even aimed at them so personally. It wasn't even insulting. The second was the thought of having to get into a UK size 20. At 5ft 1 I was heading towards the morbidly obese category and seeing my clothes go from just being able to find them in non plus size store to having to go there was a big no.
  • crb426
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    Mine started with an Ultimatum from my BF. Be at 135 by June or we're done. I started at 175 and now am at 155. Here recently two of my really good friends are competing in figure/bikini competitions so that's inspired me to work hard and have a goal and not just do it for a stupid guy.. LOL

    Since you referred to him as a "stupid guy", I really hope that means you dumped him.

    When I first said to my husband I wanted to lose some weight he was super excited for me. But supportively excited. I mentioned that I would need new clothes and he said "I will buy you all new clothes if you lose 30 pounds". He has never been mean about it. Never said he would leave me if I didn't reach the goal. He keeps me motivated, while still making me feel like he loves me no matter what.

    Find a guy that will support you and encourage you, but will leave it to you to decide what is best for you.
  • callsitlikeiseeit
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    i got tired of being fat.
    i got tired of not having a wide variety of clothing to choose from in stores.
    i got tired of being tired.
    i got tired of being 'too big' for things i love to do - horseback riding, parasailing, roller coasters/ rides.

  • mommonster323
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    When my previously larger friend told me I can have her old (larger) clothes :/
  • nadler64
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    Watching my otherwise spunky mom struggle with Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, etc. Not gonna be that. Nope.
  • smilesunshinexo
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    Mine started with an Ultimatum from my BF. Be at 135 by June or we're done. I started at 175 and now am at 155. Here recently two of my really good friends are competing in figure/bikini competitions so that's inspired me to work hard and have a goal and not just do it for a stupid guy.. LOL

    Oh, wow. You're right, he is stupid.
  • smilesunshinexo
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    spzjlb wrote: »
    I see a bit of myself in @strong_curves. I had always worked out, but never weighed myself. At 49 yrs old, I was feeling very heavy and stepped on the scale. I was stunned that I had slowly gained about 20 lbs over the 18 years since my son was born. So, 1-2 lbs per year - I just didn't notice that much because the spandex in our clothes is so forgiving. My BMI put me into the "overweight" zone. So, I immediately started with MFP and over 2015, I lost 30 lbs and my BMI is around 21.5. I am smaller than I ever have been, and I feel fit and strong. I'm 51 years old and I FINALLY am not self-concious about my body, for the first time in my life.

    OP - My personal message to you is not to waste all the years that I did feeling embarassed about my body. At 51, I will wear a bikini in public, am totally OK with the cellulite that hangs around, fine with the fact that my boobs have pretty much disappeared, and I am happy with my healthy body for ME (and do not compare myself with others). I'm very proud of my muscles. I feel very powerful and at 23, I want you to feel that strong, too - and for the rest of your life. If you want it, you'll do it.

    I definitely want the same. I'm tired of sitting strategically to hide parts of my body, or constantly tugging at clothes to make them cover more of myself. It would be so nice to just not have to always be worried about how I look.

    And more power to you for rocking a bikini! My 60 year old mum does the same and I always think she's the hottest woman at any beach because she just doesn't give a damn

  • lisasp4
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    I was bought a model makeover photo shoot for Christmas. I felt so bad about how I looked, I cancelled it. Even though it cost my mum a lot of money.

    My nephew asked why I'd cancelled it and I said I wasn't feeling great about how I looked. He replied 'don't worry, they only take a photo of your face, not your fat belly'. Out of the mouth of babes!
  • TheChrissyT
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    I just really want to be who I feel I am on the inside. I am full of life. I am adventurous. I am strong and outgoing. I have always had a lot of love to give, but I've never given any of it to myself! I had a bit of a mental collapse involving a great deal of awful events that were out of my control coinciding, and I killed myself through it trying to make everyone else happy (and failing), and I broke. I hated myself, my life, my looks, everyhing. I was desperate to not feel the way I was feeling anymore so I started doing affirmations, listening to self help youtube videos, anything.... slowly I started to come out of the dark and on my way decided that I couldn't keep trying to pour from an empty cup, and decided that my health and happiness matter too. Being healthy mentally and being healthy physically are linked for me. I cant be one without the other so I decided I would do both. 70lbs later, I'm half way through to where I want to be and I truly feel like I'm shedding off what I never was and exposing who I've always been.
  • DumplingRUs
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    doctor said my BMI was 25.1 and I was now officially overweight.
  • camdoyle8906
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    I signed up for a 5k about 3 months in the future and it kept me going. (I already paid the entry fee so I couldn't back out.) I continued to eat whatever I wanted for a few months but once I started feeling better I naturally wanted to eat healthier. It wasn't an immediate feeling and when I started, I truly didn't care what I ate. I think the thought of "better not eat this just yet because it'll make me feel horrible when I run later" is most likely how the slow change happened. Whatever it was, that race I signed up for last March was the key to turning around.
  • cross2bear
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    I need knee surgery due to a variety of reasons (including some misspent and reckless youth activities) but Doc said my weight was an issue. He suggested the bariatric program, but I refused - said I wasnt likely to learn anything from surgery. He said well, there is a diet component to the program so I said sure - then found out there was a year long wait to get into it. So I said screw it, I'm doing this NOW. And so I am. I am booked into the surgery program now, just waiting for the date...........
  • Francl27
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    The doctor freaked me out by ordering an EKG and other tests because I was obese.
  • tomteboda
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    November 2014 was a very dark time for me.

    I take care of my mom, who has an autoimmune disease (Systemic Lupus Erythrematosus, or SLE) and Cushing's Syndrome from a non-operable tumor. She's suffered 4 strokes in the last year. She'd put on 200 lbs of weight over the previous 5 years because she lost what limited mobility she'd had, coupled with emotional overeating; this put her from big to just plain huge (context: she peaked out at 500 lbs). Assisting her was very difficult, just on the basis of her weight. She can't toilet alone or anything, and when she fell we had to call in the ambulance to pick her up off the floor. So I saw how disasterous being morbidly obese is, and its downright terrifying.

    I also have SLE, and in summer 2014 it decided to attack my heart. Between August and November I put on about 15 lbs due to eating but not moving. I was definitely really depressed, and I just wasn't paying attention to my food intake. I was already quite heavy due to major lifestyle changes (thanks, arthritis and multiple serious back injuries), but I was able to do the things I wanted to do before that. However, that month I had been laid up in bed with no recovery in sight, and then I stepped on a scale. 270 lbs.

    I went into my bedroom and I bawled. And bawled. And bawled. It was unimaginable, yet there I was. I think I moped for two or three days. Then I realized I had to do something. It didn't matter that I couldn't work out, or dance, or anything I'd loved doing before I got sick, I had to get my weight under control no matter what, so that I didn't make other people have such a hard time taking care of me. I can only say this because I know my mom won't read it, but her refusal to watch her weight at all has led to a LOT of difficulty for my dad & I. And I couldn't do that to someone else.

    So I started watching my intake. I got a new doctor who actually LISTENED to me about the severe amount of pain & fatigue I was having. He started me on medication to treat it, and that helped...a lot. But I went from 270 down to 245 between November 2014 and May 2015 without doing anything except controlling my calories.

    Today, 14 months later, I weigh 199. I know to a lot of people here, 199 is an unimaginably heavy weight, but for me its a major victory.

    I was able to start walking in May 2015, and I've made getting that exercise a priority. I walk *at least* 30 minutes a day, even on my worst lupus flare days (if you have lupus you know this is a major battle). I do a very light resistance training routine twice a week, to recondition the muscles I lost from being in bed so much over the last 5 years. I would probably be very happy to live my life at this weight, because I can do the things I love again. However, I'm aiming for 175 because my immune system still attacks my heart regularly. Its exhausting, and I just don't want my poor heart to battle the extra weight on top of the stress of that. I know I can do it.

    My mom's still hanging in there. She's in stage V kidney failure now. She lives in the living room, and can barely get onto her toilet, which is right next to her chair 24/7. I still can't push her around in her wheelchair. What she has to endure is heartbreaking. I don't think anyone can prevent being helpless if they have degenerative diseases like she does, but usually it happens a lot older. I have very complex feelings about her weight; compassion, because I know what she's facing and how painful her life is for reasons that have absolutely NOTHING to do with her weight; frustration, because her weight makes things much harder; anger, sometimes, because she refuses to allow us to do much about it, and because she directly tries to undermine my weight goals; sadness, because of all she's lost in life. And honestly her weight is the greatest immobilizing factor. I can't get her in/out of the house, she cant' use a normal toilet, she can't shower. I do not want this for her, or for myself, or for anyone. Its awful.
  • Nikki10129
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    A mixture of different things, having always been a little heavier growing up (but never by much) but then it boiled over this year from three different events: Seeing myself in an outfit I thought I looked good in, but the picture told me otherwise. I re-joined soccer after a year off and my jersey is tight and where before I used to be able to play a full 20 min half, I'm now struggling after 6 min on the field. The final thing was when I went in for my annual trip to my family doc she made a comment on how I need to make sure I keep my weight in check due to my families history of type I diabetes, which is something she'd never mentioned to me before. She didn't say I was in the danger zone, but it seemed like I wasn't far off because it was never something she had been worried about with me before.
  • Larissa_NY
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    Mine started with an Ultimatum from my BF. Be at 135 by June or we're done. I started at 175 and now am at 155. Here recently two of my really good friends are competing in figure/bikini competitions so that's inspired me to work hard and have a goal and not just do it for a stupid guy.. LOL

    In my head, you are going to stay with him until the day you hit 135. Then you're going to call him into the bathroom, show him the number on the scale, then be all "LOL BYE *kitten*" and zoom away in a red Porsche convertible with a hot muscly personal trainer, never to return. If this isn't your plan, please don't disillusion me.
  • ConorElliot
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    TheChirssyT said it for me "I truly feel like I'm shedding off what I never was and exposing who I've always been" I just feel like I truly can't be who I am at such a high weight and it holds me back from confidence, positivity, energy and a whole load of things that life should be about.. let alone the medical scare of being overweight!
  • Linzon
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    Some of the other people in a Facebook group I was in decided to sign up for MFP. I'd had a few false starts previously and I have no idea why it stuck this time, but here I am 267 days later and counting!

    I went over my calories yesterday and looking at photos of myself before I lost the weight is helping me stay on track today despite considerable stress. Looking at the progress I've made always makes me happy!
  • larali1980
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    I've been wanting to lose weight for a while, but the final straw was this HORRIBLE picture of me my sister posted on Facebook around Christmas time.