Looking for active friends? Add people in this chat chain

Trying to broaden my circle with funny, genuine, people. Is that you? Comment in this chain and let the friend requests roll in and bathe in the support of new people : p


  • chrisbinns01
    chrisbinns01 Posts: 4 Member
    Yo man don't know if I'm funny or genuine but Ye, let the good times roll
  • JQuinnLife
    JQuinnLife Posts: 102 Member
    Posting motivational statuses while keeping you up to date with the intense workouts I do, add me!
  • hickmanha
    hickmanha Posts: 15 Member
    Happy to send encouragement, motivation, kitten posters, limericks, whatever works.

    Also, I'm entering the "holy crap this is happening" phase of training for a half ... so, yeah, could definitely use some fresh blood/support too!
  • tosi1312
    tosi1312 Posts: 78 Member
    I'm active. Possibly genuine. Certainly not funny. Feel free to add.
  • samthepanda
    samthepanda Posts: 568 Member
    Genuine, sometimes funny, tho not always intentionally, and (though it still surprises me to say it) active - running, cycling and circuits. Feel free to add
  • crazydogladyjess
    crazydogladyjess Posts: 128 Member
    Would love to have more motivated fun loving fitness pals! Feel free to add me
  • kawinger
    kawinger Posts: 16 Member
    Definitely up for more friends!
  • adoran73
    adoran73 Posts: 1 Member
    edited January 2016
    Always looking to add new friends. I have a good and slightly twisted sense of humor.
  • muziique
    muziique Posts: 82 Member
    I'm pretty active on here. :-) feel free to add me.
  • joeross155
    joeross155 Posts: 323 Member
    I'm a very outdoorsy person and love to share experiences as for being funny , not so much
  • Always looking for new MFP buddies! Especially anyone to share my love of Shaun T ha ha! Feel free to add!
  • yourhiddengem
    yourhiddengem Posts: 171 Member
    edited February 2016
    I'm super active on here. I like messaging my friends. Sometimes I'm depressed tho in all honesty. But I consider myself a good mfp friend.
  • zgiarc
    zgiarc Posts: 58 Member
    I think I'm pretty active on here - and I usually find me funny - Feel free to add me!
  • samchez0
    samchez0 Posts: 364 Member
    I'm pretty active and accept anyone as long as they aren't rude or harrassing.
  • Numer1ca
    Numer1ca Posts: 246 Member
    I'm still working out how the site works, but add me too!
  • CatheMcG831
    CatheMcG831 Posts: 12 Member
    tosi1312 wrote: »
    I'm active. Possibly genuine. Certainly not funny. Feel free to add.

    Being Genuine can be over-rated, but being funny? THAT'S a necessity..... ;-)
  • CatheMcG831
    CatheMcG831 Posts: 12 Member
    edited February 2016
    I'm not nearly as funny as I usually think I am, but I've been known to ellicit a laugh or two... And I am actually a very genuine person.... Now, Active?? Not so much. But, that's why I'm here! Let the Games Begin!

  • UnicornAmanda1
    UnicornAmanda1 Posts: 56 Member
    I am always down for new friends!!!
  • Bambarrr
    Bambarrr Posts: 2 Member
    I just joined, and am super stoked to meet new people. Funny? Eh, maybe. Corny is more like it, but it seems to make the people around me laugh, so I'll go with it. Feel free to add me!