Favorite exercise routine for women

I workout 5 to 6 days weekly, mostly dance (Zumba, African, Hip Hop and I teach a CardioBlast once a week). I also started Female Bootcamp last week. I've lost 4.5 pounds since January 1, but the dancing is killing my knees and feet. What are some fun workouts for women over 40? I'm 47. I do Tabata once a week and I tried Trampline, but it hurt my feet...Will go back to the pool when spring comes...


  • pineapple1989
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    I do burlesque chair dancing (an exercise class, not on stage!), that is very fun and not too hard on knees/ankles etc... It doesn't burn as much as Zumba though as there isn't much cardio so it depends on what you are looking for. I generally make sure the next day I do something more intense if I need a higher burn (generally spin). There are lots of ladies who go of all shapes and sizes!
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    Just did 30 minutes of Spin yesterday morning...thought I was gonna die...lol...the gym owner/trainer told me to mix it up because I dance so often my body is used to it, so I'm trying different stuff. I have a YMCA membership also...
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    I lift following All Pro. Good for any woman at almost any age.

    If you are looking more for a class that is easier on your knees try aqua fit. It is all the workout of a Zumba class but in water, so balance and resistance work too. It is usually quite fun and sociable.
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    I modify most exercises in circuit class to be low impact. Basically figure out how to do something similar while keeping one foot on the ground at all times. Ask the instructor for modifications. Also look for low impact classes.
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    If you enjoy Zumba, have you tried Zumba gold? It is a low impact version of the regular Zumba class. Aquafit, Aqua Zumba, swimming would be other good alternatives that while offering resistance in the water your joints are protected.
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    I took a bellydance class at my Y before. That was great fun and a good workout, too. It's not a jumping kind of dance, so it should be better for your problems. Also check out Pilates and see if you like it. Yoga is always wonderful to add. Those are both slower than the cardio classes, but they are still great to add to your routine.

    I love weightlifting and definitely suggest it, but some folks don't find it 'fun' exactly. I do, but it's hard to describe why since I don't really care how much I can lift, lol. You just have to try it and see if the feeling appeals to you. The benefits are definitely appealing.
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    I like to mix things up, so I do a lot of different things. I do aquasize class 3-4 times a week. Also, walking (outside and treadmill depending on the weather), Just Dance on the Wii, strength training with weights and bodyweight exercises and yoga several times a week. I also LOVE to play disc golf. It's great exercise and anyone can play at any age.

    I'm 55 with occasional knee problems, so I just modify where I need to.
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    I do a lot of walking, some running, and assorted bodyweight exerises. Feeling great.

    I've recently started doing Les Mills Body Balance classes once a week, and find myself impatient for the next one!
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    An exercise back is easy on the knees. In the past, I found it way too boring to do it regularly, but now I read ebooks while pedaling and it's great.
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    Whoops, that was exercise "bike"!
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    I have a love/hate relationship with weight lifting. I love conquering the weight but hate it when it's on my back. I love circuit training and sports too. I'm over 47.
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    I do turbofire and absolutely love it. I find with zumba you have to make sure you have the right shoes for it. If you're wearing regular runners you're gonna kill your knees. You need something with not much grip that allows you to easily do lateral movements and pivot on the balls of your feet.
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    Hi there, My go to workout is spin! It is low impact and you can burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time. It is best that you cross train, your muscles will get used to doing the same thing all the time. I also like circuit with the TRX. I run a little, my next venture is the pool and become tri athlete!! I love working out so much that I have to plan my week to balance working out and family time!! Oh wait don't forget about yoga.... Very important!!!
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    I do Wendler's 5/3/1 with the Periodization Bible for accessory lifts. For cardio I do spin class or row a 5k with intervals. And then I do yoga, which is basically the other half of my lifting workout; whenever I try to do one without the other, bad things tend to happen.
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    I'm 47, soon will be 48. Love Jazzercise, and dance in general, but since all the studios are out in the suburbs have been doing yoga 3x/week (4x/week when it isn't so busy at work) as that's 5 min from my house, and running (well, slowly jogging) at least 2x/week. I weighed 5lb less doing Jazzercise because the yoga and running added muscle, but am still on the lean side.

    Yoga, I didn't like it when younger, my mind is the kind that has to be fully engaged to be able to let go and holding poses didn't let me really relax like the jazzercise, etc, but modern yoga classes keep you moving and have music so it feels a lot better to me. My strength and flexibility have gotten a lot better, and there's no jumping so if that's what hurt you, it might be a good alternative.

    I don't do anything heavier than bodyweight, not because i am against it in any way, just haven't been able to maintain a practice, and yoga gives me plenty enough visual definition and I'm satisfied strength wise if I can do a few pushups, I am not yet strong enough to do a lot of the yoga stuff but certainly improving so I do think that it builds strength.

    Someone higher up mentioned bellydance - I had the best looking abs of my life when I did bellydance, it doesn't feel like much of a workout but a lot of fun, feels really good and must be doing something. Of course that was when I had 2 kids not 4, not sure those abs are possible now, the fascia split some with #4.

    Anyway- as a fellow 47 dance exercise lover, I can recommend yoga and bellydance as very low impact alternatives. Actual Jazzercise too, as they offer modifications at every class, they show how to do it without the jumping. Which, after 4 kids, is useful for a different reason!