Anyone in England want an MFP buddy?



  • Claire8614
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    zezelryck wrote: »
    I'm in Birmingham, coming to the end of my weight loss journey after going from 23st7lb I am now down to 10st12½lb. That damn pesky half pound is still in the way of my final goal. Don't worry though I have no intention of ever giving MFP up and I post my diary every day for my friends so see and judge haha. You are all welcome to send me a FR but please just add a little message to it, just so that I know you are human :-)

    Wow well done, i am also from Birmingham
  • I live in the beautiful little village of Walsall!! Lol
  • currently living in wolverhampton
  • hayleylouise9699
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    Hi everyone, I'm from Bristol but living in Suffolk. Please feel free to add me. Always happy to help and offer support. :-)
  • punkman_141
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  • AliHos1969
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    In Hertfordshire, you can add me :)
  • Kazzykinsj67
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    Loads of us
  • ekashif
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    'nuff. Cutting in London.
  • LJT253
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    North east ere
  • Giddy72
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  • lainy1979
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    Hi, i'm in Derbyshire, feel free to add me! :)
  • ctaylor22355
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    I'm in Warrington, Cheshire. Please add me
  • sasha_travis
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    From hull, everyone feel free to add as its my first day!
  • Giddy72
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    Keep em coming !! Also, add each other. You are MUCH more likely to succeed if you involve the community rather than striving away on your own
  • sp_xox
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    North east feel free to add
  • scon37
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    I lived in London for 7 years. Am back home in Dublin now but seeking UKI friends on my fitness pal as our supermarkets and restaurants are the same. US recipes can seem very different. Please add me of you're from UK or Ireland
  • RickTheRunner
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    South east England here, feel free to add!
  • 3vilSox
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    Everyone's more than welcome to send me a request, I need more buddies to keep this fun :)