Favorite Go To Foods?

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I'm starting all over unfortunately, but at least I'm starting again. It's been way too long. I was hoping everyone could share with me some of there go to healthy food choices. This could be snacks, meals, veggies, smoothies whatever you really like. Thanks in Advance


  • Jbell0213
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    For snacks I love goldfish crackers, 55 for 150 calories. String cheese. Cutie oranges, hold boiled eggs. breakfast is usually yogurt or a slice of whole wheat bread with 2 tbspn of peanut butter. I try to drink alot of water. Not a big fan of it but I flavored it with Mio or lemon.
  • Jessicaisfree
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    Hi there! I've lost 100 lbs so far. My go to's are eggs, apples, greek yogurt, frozen broccoli or green beans with chicken breast, field greens with tuna, almond butter on toast. Kind of boring but very effective!
  • chuckyjean
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    An apple a day.
  • worstcaster
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    I don't always have a refrigerator and often work in a vehicle, so I look for things that don't go bad, don't spill, and don't need to be heated. I've had good luck with popcorn mixed different blends of spices. Carrots work well (only time they got nasty was on 90 degree day when I left the ziplock on the dash). The sodium level is ugly but as long as you don't add water Campbell's condensed soup don't spill.
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    Jbell0213 wrote: »
    For snacks I love goldfish crackers, 55 for 150 calories.

    I am going to remember this, because goldfish crackers are delicious

    I've been enjoying doing smoothies in the morning, toast with either avocado or peanut butter for lunch, and then vegetables of some sort for dinner
  • zira91
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    nutella spread on cookies/bread/ anything..
    flavoured baked chip cracker
    dark choc chip oat cookies (105 cals for 3 piece)..
    ice creams..
    fruit salad..
    peanut butter choc oatmeal bar (pre made in the weekend)
    peanut butter honey bar (pre made too)

  • zira91
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    most of the very delicious healthy snacks recipe i got from here:
    Under 100 calories guilt free healthy snacks: https://youtube.com/watch?v=qNNoDBtnGpI
    Protein Breakfast / Snack-To-Go: https://youtube.com/watch?v=sfU6_ffPVO0
    Must try 3 ingrediant snack bites: https://youtube.com/watch?v=J8Mk-5Iw42c
    No bake healthy desserts : https://youtube.com/watch?v=arTWJRBPe7Y

    all are yummy and so easy.. and ive tried most of the recipes.. yum yum.. especially the bar.. :)
  • RaeBeeBaby
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    I rarely eat processed foods. I try to mostly eat whole foods (or minimally processed foods), as they make me feel good and I'm more confident about what I'm putting into my body. I'm also gluten-free, so I don't eat bread, most cereals, or flour tortillas. Still have LOTS of yummy food options.

    Favorite healthy foods:

    Plain yogurt with my homemade granola, berries & a tsp of honey
    Egg and veggie scramble with a corn tortilla & cilantro or arugula (1 whole egg & 2 egg whites, low-cal veg)
    Oatmeal with 1/2 scoop protein powder, banana & craisins

    Big salad with lots of low-cal veggies, a little protein (lean chicken/pork/beef/tuna/cottage cheese/boiled egg) and seeds (sunflower/pumpkin/sesame/hemp), very small amt of homemade vinaigrette dressing

    Usually some type of lean meat with veggies or homemade soup
    Tacos - corn tortillas with a little protein and lots of veggies, avocado & salsa

    Boiled eggs
    Light string cheese
    Celery and laughing cow cheese or peanut butter
    Veggies and hummus (carrots, cukes, celery, tomatoes, peppers)
    Apple with peanut butter
    Cottage cheese with fruit or tomatoes
    Air popped popcorn

    Good luck with your restart! You can do it!
  • Annr
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    Here are some phrases that might help you:
    -Every meal is a snack and every snack is a meal.
    -Eat until you feel not hungry, but not to the point of full, and definitely not until you are stuffed!
    -The most important key ingredient in food preparation is you MOOD.
    -Eating is suppose to ruin your appetite. (love that one because its like saying HA! to everything my mom drilled into my brain)

    My snacks are~
    Those prunes individually packaged
    1/4 cup of walnuts
    low fat graham cracker with fat free Cool Whip in it FROZEN...like an ice cream sandwich
    peach salsa with Wasa crispbread
    light Baby Bell cheese
    triangles of Wee Brie
    sliced apples/cubed celery/healthy cubed chicken and lowfat mayo stuffed in a wheat pita
    Bear Naked Granola
    PB2 on Daves Killer Powerseed bread with honey
  • AnnPT77
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    Some of my faves are really low-cal, others have a bit more but provide some satiating & useful protein. I think everything on my list comes in under 175 calories per serving.
    • Individual cheese portions (string cheese, Supremo Queso Fresco, Belgioso Mozzarella Balls (mini/pearls), etc.)
    • Sharwood's spicy puppodums (good replacement for snack chips/crisps, lower cals & more protein)
    • Raw veg: Jicama, cucumber, 1/4 avocado.
    • Popcorn from plain kernels with a bit of actual parmesan cheese
    • Dry-roasted lightly-salted soybeans
    • Dry-roasted peanuts or pistachios in the shell (it's a plus that they take time to eat)
    • Tangerines, guavas, grapefruit.
    • Crispy chickpeas (home-made or purchased) or the dry crispy snap peas.
    • Cottage cheese with cumin, turmeric, and hot pepper sauce.
    • Greek yogurt with frozen fruit.
    • Hot herb tea - for me, rooibos & chocolate pu-ehr are mysteriously especially satisfying.
    • Half a cup of fruit kefir or 3/4 cup of hot skimmed milk with vanilla extract (but a little cocoa powder or even cocoa mix doesn't add much calorically if vanilla milk sounds icky to you).
  • ElizabethOakes2
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    Snacks, for me, are usually protein bars, but I'm also big on those little tuna and salmon packets. I grab one of those with a couple Trader Joe's whole grain and flaxseed crackers when I just need a little something to get me through til dinner time.
  • crb426
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    -1/3 cup (dry measurement) oatmeal with 2-3 tsp brown sugar
    -Egg (Mc)Muffin: English muffin, 1 scrambled egg, 1 slice deli ham, 1/2 slice american cheese
    -1 piece honey wheat toast, 1/2 pat butter, 1 scrambled egg (on top)

    -3 cups romaine lettuce, 2 oz. chicken breast, 1 tbsp dressing of choice (regular fat)
    -Small baked potato, 1/2 pat butter, salt and pepper, 1/4 cup shredded cheddar, slice of deli ham (chopped)
    -1 cup rice (white or brown), 2 cups chicken broth, pepper

    -Taco salad: 3 cups romaine lettuce, 1/4 cup shredded cheddar, 2 oz. taco meat, 1 crushed hard taco shell, 1 tbsp. ranch
    -Baked/grilled tilapia/cod fish (with seasoning of choice: teriyaki, lemon pepper, etc.), 1 cup brown rice, 2 cups broccoli**
    ** I basically do a version of this for a lot of dinners. Here are different choices for the protein, veggies, carbs:
    -Proteins: Buffalo chicken sausage (or any other flavor), grilled chicken, pork tenderloin (basically any lean meat)
    -Veggies: grilled brussel sprouts, no-salt-added canned green beans (cook with 1 chicken bouillon cube)
    -Carbs: boiled or baked potato with 1 pat butter, salt, pepper

    -Quaker granola bars (thin mint, yum!)
    -string cheese
    -apples, apples, and more apples (honey crisp)
    -carrots and celery
    -greek yogurt (chobani flips, oikos banana cream and apple pie)
  • marcenepea
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    Thank you all for the ideas. Some of them are ones I have used in the past but most are brand new ideas. I love hearing about everyone's ideas. Usually I find some ideas I've never thought of.