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The Journey, Emotional Eating, and Road Blocks

kristianjoy26kristianjoy26 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
So, I have been on this weight loss journey a time or two, but it is finally sticking. Since March 2015 I have lost 65 pounds and have developed a healthy relationship with food. I have cleared my house of processed, sugary, high carb, and bad fat foods and replaced them with veggies, fruits, home made dressings and sauces, and even kale chips instead of potato chips. However, recently I found out that my marriage was failing (we were having issue yet again) and my husband filed for divorce out of the blue and took me off guard. I have ALWAYS been a very emotional eater. It was how I was raised. When my mother was sad or depressed she would eat or we would have take out. Or when we had little we ate whatever we had and most of the time it was not the healthy foods because they were always at least a dollar or two more than the mac and cheese or frozen foods. Anyways.. I have come a long way relearning how to eat and how to NOT consume food as a comfort...until recently. I am feeling like a failure all over again. During my six and a half years of marriage I let myself go and gained nearly 100 pounds due to emotional abuse, stress, and being a part of a very broken and dysfunctional marriage. When I started losing weight again everything was wonderful. I enjoyed looking in the mirror, shopping for clothes, and even taking pictures of myself. The last month I have been going down hill again because of this divorce and all the BS that is involved. It is only the beginning, but I can't help but think that this road block is going to set me back to where I was a year ago. Fat, sick, and unhealthy. I am scared. Maybe it is all part of the weight loss journey we are all going through or maybe I need to figure out how to keep my head up and not let my emotions set me back.

Who knows... But right now writing this helped. It helped me get out everything that has been consuming my head for weeks now. Setting a new goal. A non-scale goal.

Goal 1: Be happy without binge eating on junk and remember your worth.


  • suecastrosuecastro Posts: 70Member Member Posts: 70Member Member
    Find something good about each day and write it down. If that same thing is good next day write it again and then find something that is good for each day and add to your list. Learning to enjoy what you have. Doesn't matter if it is something you have achieved or a smile someone gAve you or someone holding a door open for you. Maybe going through and old handbag and finding something you bought you had lost. You get the picture, it doesn't all need to be about food versus exercise that comes next. But do keep logging everything you eat . Good luck and be happy.
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