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New vegetarian asking for help

m4ttdohertym4ttdoherty Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
Good afternoon fitness family.

Had this alp for a long time now but hardly use it. And lacking motivation i have recently turned vegetarian (close to being a vegan) and after buying a few recipe books im still struggling for quick easy meals that are ideal for short breaks at work but also enough meals to help me gain weight gradually.

I would really appreciate any help and any past experiences from vegetarians/vegans gaining weight




  • DaddieCatDaddieCat Member Posts: 3,674 Member Member Posts: 3,674 Member
    Just gotta eat all the food. The only way to gain is to be in caloric surplus which might mean eating more calorie dense food... avocados, nuts and nut butters, etc.

    As for quick and easy meals, there are a million. I just prefer to prep and bring a lunch... it takes some time to get used to the routine, but once it's established, you'd be amazed how quickly you can meal prep.
  • rainbowbowrainbowbow Member Posts: 7,492 Member Member Posts: 7,492 Member
    well, what did you eat all the time before you went vegetarian?

    What were your go to all the time meals?
  • hekla90hekla90 Member Posts: 595 Member Member Posts: 595 Member
    I started adding walnuts to my snack mix. I buy honey roasted chickpeas (130 cal), walnuts (200) and yogurt melts (50ish?). All together it's a lot of calories in 1/2 cup and easy to grab at work.

    Been making a lot of salads and adding tofu (130 cal) and a half a cup of beans (100 calories) add a high fat dressing (100+ calories) some tomatoes and carrots and you're good to go.

    Tortilla wraps are high calorie. I make BBQ chick pea wraps add some cheese, boom. Bean burritos are too. Or make potatoe and rice burritos.

    I also like to make pasta and add in white beans to it with marinara sauce or basil pesto (high in fat and calorie).

    Stir fries can be made high calorie too and are easy. You can use tofu or seitan for bulk.

    I love black bean burgers with avocado on them! I don't do buns, but if you need extra calories, buns away.

    Also can ranch style beans and vegan hotdogs to make chili cheese dogs (most of calories from beans and cheese, vegan hot dogs I get are only 50, different brands might be more though?)

  • RedWolf09RedWolf09 Member Posts: 90 Member Member Posts: 90 Member
    I'm not vegetarian but I will tell you that if you want to gain you'll need to stuff yourself with carbs. For you, I recommend oatmeal. Eat that as much as you can. Lots of people will tell you to eat fats like peanut butter and avocados but it will just slow you down. I've done it both ways and carbs are better.
  • RowingBillRowingBill Member Posts: 36 Member Member Posts: 36 Member
  • pebbleslaura1pebbleslaura1 Member Posts: 146 Member Member Posts: 146 Member
    I like adding almond or peanut butter to slices of apple as a snack or on a banana
  • MichelleLea122MichelleLea122 Member Posts: 332 Member Member Posts: 332 Member
    There's this awesome guy on youtube (Brian Turner) who's a vegan bodybuilder. He's got a lot of great meal ideas on his channel along with full days of eating if you're interested
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