Keto Diet and CrossFit


If any of you good people were crazy enough to try doing CrossFit while on keto diet, I would really appreciate if you would share your experience.



  • rybo
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    Would not recommend it. There's a guy that attempts to do that at the box, he is near fainting before the actual WOD even starts.
  • michaeljamescombe
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    rybo wrote: »
    Would not recommend it. There's a guy that attempts to do that at the box, he is near fainting before the actual WOD even starts.

    Absolute rubbish.

    I'm a month into keto now and do heavy gym sessions 3 times a week and find it actually GIVES me energy. That guy obv isn't doing it correctly.

  • reisbaron
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    ...agreed. After reading the ketogains group on Reddit I discovered TKD, "Targeted Ketogenic Diet" where you consume a nominal amount of carbs before workouts, and spend the rest of your time in keto. Down 7 lbs. in 2 weeks so far, which I know is likely water weight from lower inflammation, but I'm seeing the same weight loss trajectory with keto and Crossfit as I've seen with just keto before. I average 3-4 WODs per week.
  • Michael190lbs
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    I use C4 and coffee have no issues working out in KETO I can't imagine not supplimenting when I drop below 50 grams of Carbs
  • MissLeeG
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    What exactly is keto? Sorry newbie here
  • JQuinnLife
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    I do strict Keto, less than 25g of Net Carbs a day. I workout around 2-3 hours of heavy lifting.

    Keto-adapatation (aka fat-adaptation) basically means that your main energy source is no longer carbohydrates, but fat. So your energy reserves are much, much higher. You can store around 2,000 calories of carbohydrate energy, where fat is over 40,000 calories.

    I always recommend Ketogenics to any endurance athlete, or anyone who wants to recomp their body as fast as possible.
  • ladipoet
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    MissLeeG wrote: »
    What exactly is keto? Sorry newbie here

    Keto...can mean several things: Ketogenic diet aka Low Carb High Fat diet (LCHF). It can also mean Nutritional Ketosis. It can also mean Ketoacidosis. Here are links to definitions or explanations of all three terms.
  • charlenegrober
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    I'm CF and Ketogenic dieter. Love it. No probs for me. I always eat a Kind (almond and dark chocolate) bar before my workouts to fuel me. I know I'll burn off the carbs when doing my WOD. After, i always have protein (usually 2 net carbs). Since, I'be been on it for almost a year, I've upped my net carbs to around 45 because i know my body can handle it without changing to carbs as my primary fuel source.
    I've lost about 25 lbs and 12% body fat with this type of workout and diet. I do incorporate a cheat day once every two weeks to "load" up. But other than that, I'm pretty strict.
    It's not for everyone. Some people cannot take the transition or don't like it when their body is adapting to a new fuel source (ketones). I had massive headaches for a week when I first transitioned. Looking back, i don't know how I did it.