Hi everyone. I usually hit my protein goal by lunch time. What are some good recipes besides salads for dinner. Thanks and much success to all!


  • janejellyroll
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    As long as it isn't crowding out other things that you need, you can go over your protein goal. It's a minimum, not a maximum (unless you have a medical condition that requires you to limit your protein).
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    What's your protein goal? If you are hitting it by lunch you may have it set pretty low.
  • joo607
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    Thanks for the tip. Im new at this and thought once I reached the number, that was the cut off..
    I hadn't thought of pasta as its not a usual meal at our house. But I'll try it tonight. Nice change too!
  • ashlivesjk
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    Curious what your macro balance look like?
    Without knowing your personal tastes, likes and dislikes, no sense in offering up specific recipes.
    Just start picking any type of vegetable, and the combinations are limitless. If you are a grain and legume eater, they go up from there.
    You could also move some of your protein portions around to include dinner.
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    joo607 wrote: »
    I usually hit my protein goal by lunch time.

    That just seems super unlikely. Your protein must be nothing! Either that or your eating purely meat for breakfast and lunch. I just don't see that. So I think your macros are a bit off.

    Open up your diary and make it public so we can take a look for ourselves.
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    What is that goal? Did you know it's best to have a little protein with every meal? Spread it out throughout the day. go to timing protein intake.
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