Need help finding diabetic snacks.

I posted this morning under the title diabetic snacks have received no messages so I thought I would change my discussion title so people would know I need help finding good diabetic snacks.


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    You may want to post in the Food section.
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    I am prediabetic and eat snacks heavy in fats with protein. Coffee with whipping cream or coconut oil is my favourite snack. Other snacks include eggs, pepperoni and cheese, avocado with cream cheese and cocoa or with tuna and mayo. Macadamia nuts, pistachios, almonds, coconut, and cacao nibs are a favourite trail mix, and pork rinds with a cheese or sour cream dip is a nice treat.

    I follow Dr Bernstein's Diabetes Solution which is a low carb high fat plan. It has worked fairly well so far.
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    berries are good, blue berries, raspberries... virtually any kind... I usually have an apple mid morning... if you are trying to satisfy cravings... review your macros... cravings usually point to an imbalanced in your diet... carrots are great...they are crunchy, and you have to chew and chew...and chew...but they are high fibre, low cal... so... Jicima, turnip, are good too... of course the old standby broccoli and cauliflower...everything can be a snack as long as it is in moderation... you can even have chocolate once in a while.
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    Glucerna bars work for me if I'm in a pinch and need something now.
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    Hi, I am also diabetic I always make sure I have a good breakfast to kick-start my day and add blueberries & raspberries to whatever I'm eating. If I want a quick go to snack I love my nuts & seeds or veg and always keep some at the ready if I have a sweet craving I go for celery dipped in peanut butter, for someone like me who doesn't like peanut butter...this is delish & you need very little of it. Be careful of fruit though too much can spike your levels, berries are best...have fun trying them all out.
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    Anything that balances carbs with fat and protein. I'm a fan of veggies with hummus, certain low salt high fiber tortilla chips are good, too. Greek yogurt is another go to if it's not too sugary (go for one with fat), sometimes just an apple does the trick